Me, my boyfriend and some friends decided to go to France over a long weekend. We drove there by car for about 6 hours and it was very exhausting. I wasn't there for shopping or sightseeing only for relaxing, chilling and clubbing. When we got there we slept like the whole day hahah and then the next day we were chilling in the city of Cannes and went to the beach. The next day we went to St. Tropez and were hanging around at the beaches and in the city and went clubbing in the evening. It was sooo hot omfg. We spent the last day in Cannes again at the beach where I caught a huge sunburn and in the evening we drove to Monte-Carlo and were in the casino and ate dinner in a nice restaurant and then we drove home during the night. We've had an amazing time and I was so pissed today because I had to go back to school haha but I'll probably go in summer there again because we have an apartment there :) Below are all the pictures but I'm really sorry I forgot the battery of my camera at home so I took all the pictures with my phone...


St. Tropez