When I saw this bag for the first time I was totally obsessed with it. I saw it on a lot of fashion blogger pictures and on tumblr and I found it so beautiful. I've always wanted it but I never really got the chance to buy it. When my grand mother was in Cannes she did some research. There is a Céline shop and she asked for the prices. There were two bags in the windows, made out of python leather (which I didn't know first) and they were way too expensive. I also went there when I was in Cannes because I wanted to look at other bags. I showed the girl in the store a picture of a bag with simple leather and she told me to wait. A few minutes later she told me to come with her around the corner where the shoes are. And then I saw them. I was so happy when I saw them I almost flipped out hahah. There were so many different colours, neon yellow, neon orange, navy blue, normal blue, bags with two colours, grey ones etc. I couldn't decide between the orange and the black one. The orange one would be perfect for summer I thought but then again it's really attention seeking and difficult to combine with the rest of my clothes in my closet. The black one is just classy and simple. You can combine it with everything but then again it's kind of "sad" for a young girl. A Black bag. I went for the black one though because I mostly wear beige, white, black clothes and yeah. I'm so happy that I finally found it and I can't stop touching or looking at it because it's so beautiful hahah.