Hey guys! I'm back in cold Switzerland! I thought it would be more exciting if I post all the pictures together when I get back :)

Our trip to Dubai was amazing, I mean it's great for young people because there are so many things to do for example you can go skiing or there are aquariums in shopping centers etc. The city is simply crazy. I was not my first time in Dubai, I went there when I was three years old. I couldn't remember anything though but my grand parents told me that so many things have changed and that it's unbelievable how much the city grew in such a short time. Dubai is great for short trips or travelling stops because you can go shopping and basically do everything your heart desires haha but I was there for almost two weeks and it got quite boring towards the end... like the beaches aren't beautiful. There are a few, Jumeirah Beach for example, but in general they're not. The sea is dirty and the city full of sand. Everywhere are construction zones and there's like no nature, only skyscrapers. There's one thing you have to see when you're in Dubai: the Arabian Desert. That was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to because all you see is sand and it's so calm. All you hear is the wind blowing and you get lost in it's beauty while staring into the wide desert.

My family and I did so many things in Dubai... We went to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi where you can go onto world's fastest roller coaster and you can see the most expensive Ferraris. We went wakeboearding, to a water park, we did some shopping of course lol, we stood on the tallest building of the world and discovered the Arabian Desert with buggy's. 

So here are the pictures, enjoy them.

ps: post about the stuff I bought there will be up this week :)

Atlantis The Palm Aquaventure

Dubai Mall Round I

The Dubai Mall is one of world's biggest shopping center with over 1200 shops. You can find absolutely everything there.. there's even an ice rink and an aquarium in there.

Wouldn't mind having that Bugatti Veyron....

Found these Zanotti's at Bloomingdales but they weren't available in my size anymore :(

Chanel heaven..

Dubai Fountain

(not my video) 

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

World's fastest roller coaster with 240 km/h. Was a cool experience hahah but my poor head/brain. I had a headache afterwards lol.

Burj Khalifa

Tallest man made building of the world.. 828m. You get to the top with an elevator which is up on level 124 within 64 seconds. You really feel the pressure in your ears.

View of the Dubai Fountain from the Armani restaurant where we ate dinner and watched the Fountains. Was soooo beautiful!

With a buggy through the desert

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa

In my opinion this was one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever been to. Of course I've been to other luxury resorts but this one was in the middle of nowhere, in the desert. At night you could see all the stars and you really get the feeling as if you're in the desert and that's what I liked the most about it.

gotta love that shower hahaha

Falken show