Hey guys! I hope you had an amazing weekend! 
This is the dress I was talking about in my previous post. I got it from choies.com, thanks so much again, and I'm absolutely in love with it! It fits perfectly and it's my new favourite dress. It makes me look tanner and it's perfect for summer days (can't wait to wear it next summer!). The heart open back makes it even more special, it's such a cute detail. 

I guess you are all wondering what I'm wearing under it because the back is open.. hehe. My secret is this amazing bra from Eve's Bra. You kinda stick it on your boobs lol and it has no straps, so you can't see anything. I wore it during summer aswell and it gets really annoying when you're sweating because it almost falls down hahah so I'd recommend only wearing it under a tight dress/shirt when it's hot outside :D Happy Monday tomorrow! xx

Dress: Choies Necklace: Bucherer Bracelet: Thomas Sabo