Hellooo everyone :D Hope you're all fine! BECAUSE I AM. Christmas holidays started yesterday and I'm happy not to go to school for the next two weeks. And of course I'm so looking forward to Christmas Eve with my family and then of course to go skiing and spending time in the snowy mountains. I haven't been online much lately I know.. that's because of school.. it's really stressful at the moment and I need to get good grades... but now during the holidays I will work on my blog again, that means I'm taking new pictures and there will also be some new outfit posts and maybe I'm even going to change my layout a bit :) 
Today I went to Zurich with my lovely girl Kyra and we did a little last minute Christmas shopping. We stopped by at Sandro because I wanted to check if they had the boots I saw on the internet. They're a mix between the famous Balenciaga "Buckle Strap Ankle Boots" and the beautiful Givenchy "Curb Chain Ankle Boots"... I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them on the internet and I thought about ordering them online many times. I saw them and I immediately tried them on and they fit perfectly. I'm so in love and I'm so happy I got them... as a few days earlier Christmas present from me to me :)