Hey guys! Hope you're all doing good because I am even though I'm still really stressed with school.... I turned 19 on 25th January but unfortunately my grand-parents weren't there because they're on vacation in Dubai/Abu Dhabi for 3 weeks (yes, I have the whole house for myself). My grandma told me she has a present for me but it's still with her but I'll get it as soon as I'm back and I hope it's what I was wishing for :). I also had to bake my own birthday cake but together with my boyfriend and I have such a cute friend who baked a surprise cake for me on Friday (thanks Stefi!)...and I didn't blow out any candles and no one sang a "Happy Birthday" for me :( Enough of drowning in self-pity lol..... 
My family (my aunt's family) and I went out for lunch to my favourite restaurant in town.. it's a Mexican restaurant...I swear when we got out I could barely walk, I ate so much. I went home and slept like for an hour. In the evening my boyfriend and I went out for a drink. You would all have probably expected that I threw a huge party because I'm alone at home on my birthday but I'm not really a party girl.. Sure, I like to go out and have fun but that's just not me. I prefer to stay home and watch a movie instead of going to night clubs... 
So since I haven't posted anything since December I thought I could do a post about the presents I got :) Here they are:

Chanel CC Earrings

I was searching for these for like forever but I couldn't find them anywhere.. Luckily, there is an option if you're really searching for something: you can ask the lady in the store if they could order it from an other store (you have to search for your own though) and tell them the article number and colour etc. and then the store which sells it has to approve and sends it to the store near you. And that's what I did. I love those earrings to death they're my absolute favourites now!

Isabel Marant Betty Sneakers

Oh hey Isabel! As you may already know, I have a pair of black Isabel Marant sneakers and they're the most comfortable shoes I have. I can't walk in high heels because of the problems I still have with my right foot so I was really afraid that I was not going to use my black IM sneakers.... but when I got them I was soo surprised.. the heel is about 5 cm high and they totally do not hurt at all. I love them! And because I wear my black sneakers all the time I though it would be nice to have similar shoes but in a lighter colour. 

Alexander Wang Kori Boots

Those beauties were on my wishlist for soooo long! I first saw them on Victoria Törnegren and I think they're so special with that heel.. I didn't want to order them online because of the sizing and shipping costs so I forgot about them... I saw them the same day I saw the Isabel Marant sneakers and I tried them on... I didn't buy them that day but I told my grandma about them and she secretly got them for me :) 

Stuff from Saboskirt

The day I started following Sabo Skirt on Instagram I was completely obsessed with their amazing clothes.. I seriously could buy everything on their website. Unfortunately they're based in Australia and shipping is very expensive but for my birthday I thought I could order some stuff as a present from me to me. Stay tuned for some more pictures.

I'm going to make a post soon about the things which are on my 2014-Wishlist :)