Helloooo! I went to the city a few weeks ag and bought some amazing new things which I'm going to show you now. I totally forgot about this post because it was in my drafts.. but now it's finally here:

1. Lancôme Juicy Tube Lipgloss 

It smells amazing and looks so cute.. I'm usually not a lipgloss fan because I hate that sticky feeling on my lips. This lip gloss is amazing, doesn't feel sticky at all and it's such a cute colour.

2. Lancôme Glossy In Love Voluminizer 

I simply love this product. It feels a bit special because it's with peppermint but I really like that. I already have a similar one but from Arteco which has chili in it. It also gets a bit cold on your lips but I'm like obsessed with it and I always reapply it.

3. Lancôme Miracle Air De Teint

This make up is seriously the BOMB. It's by far the best one I've ever had.. I'm also going to make a single post/video about it because I'm so stunned. It's much more fluid than a normal make up and it' so light.. it feels like nothings on your skin. I hate the feeling of make up on my skin and I can feel that my skin can't breathe. The Miracle Air De Taint make up has a really unique and also strange consistence.. as soon as you start to rub it on your skin it gets like powdery.. I can't explain it but it's really strange.. I didn't buy the make up when I discovered it.. I wanted to try it out with a sample first. I used it two days and I was so stunned and fascinated and bought it after two days of trying it out. The only thing I find ridiculous is the price when you look at the bottle.. it's 60 Swiss Francs and it's such a small bottle.. but on the other hand because it's so liquid you don't have to use a lot. It's really worth trying it out with a sample :)

4. Guerlain Liplift

This is just a simple lipstick which makes your lipstick last longer. Nothing special but it's good :)