Hello my beautiful followers! I came back from skiing vacation yesterday. I went to Laax (Switzerland) for a week with my aunt's family and my cousins and we went skiing every day all week long.. it was really exhausting to be honest since I haven't been on skis for over 10 years because it was always high season in winter when I was a figure skater and I had to practice a lot so I didn't have time for anything else except skating. Anyways, we rented a flat, cooked on our own and did some après ski every day.

I got those beautiful pair of shoes already two weeks ago but I totally forgot the pictures I took and I didn't bring my laptop with me on vacation so I wouldn't have been able to post them anyway.
I got them in a cute little store in my town. It's always such a hard thing to find high heeled shoes for me. It's not that my feet are that big or something but I've had an injury on my right foot and it's still not okay. My foot still hurts every day depending on the weather, shoes I'm wearing or what I'm doing. It's really getting on my nerves already. I've had this for almost 3 years now. I had a surgery 2 years ago and my doctor said everything will be fine.. I could even start skating again. Yeah sure... now 2 years later, almost nothing changed. 
As I said above already it's always hard for me to find shoes I can walk in without having pain. I can only walk in heels with a plateau and which aren't too high. I can't even stand in normal high heels. When I saw this pair of shoes I immediately tried them on and they were so comfortable and I also think they look so cute and girly with the Swarovski ornament in the front. With this pair I only have two pairs of high heels (more coming soon, hopefully). It's my cousin's and one of my friends 18th birthday party in a few weeks and I'm definitely going to wear them. How do you like them?