Hey guys! I finally had time to cut my Rome VLOG!

I went to Rome with my cousins, my aunt and her husband for a week and it was soo cool! I've never been to Rome before so I was really excited! Our hotel was in the middle of the city. The first days we went sightseeing a bit in the morning and then we went shopping or walked around in the city. The weather was quite nice too.. thank god. I hate city trips when the weather's bad! We went to see the Spanish Steps, The Colosseum, The Forum,The Pantheon, The Catacombs, The Via Appia, and basically all the other touristic attractions. And we also went shopping of course.. here's my Rome Haul.

Here are some pictures taken from my Instagram:

For shopping

Via Condotti
Via Del Corso
Via Borgognona
Via Bocca De Leone
Via Del Babuino
(they're all near the Spanish Steps, there might be other nice shopping streets but these were the ones I went to)
There are also really nice markets but I can't remember their names.

For food

We always ate dinner in Trastevere, the neighborhood famous for nice restaurants. My favourite restaurant was Roma Sparita.
Also an amazing restaurant was Tullio, which was like 5 minutes away from out hotel and I had the best truffle spaghetti ever. Be careful with choosing your restaurants, the ones where you see pictures of food outside and someone's standing outside, are usually quite expensive and bad. If lot's of Romans are inside, it's a good sign.

For sightseeing

There are so many attractions in Rome, just buy a city guide it will help you a lot.

I guess that's it, if you have any questions comment below and I'll be happy to help :)