lol at our attempt but at least we tried to take a cool picture

Hey guys! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I went to Ibiza for a longer weekend because of a holiday here in the canton where I live. I was there from Wednesday until Sunday and it was amaaaaaazing. I'm now going to share my trip with you and in the end I'll give you some tips :)

We went to the beach every day and in the evening we ate dinner and went clubbing. I was there with my aunt's family (cousins, aunt, aunt's husband) and some friends and their family.. we were 13 people. We're really close so the older generation had fund and so did we. We rented a house with a pool on the "country side" all together. It was like 10 minutes away from the sea so we also rented two cars (buses lol).

On the first day (Thursday) we went to Malibu Beach Club and spent the whole day there. In the evening we ate dinner at Lio's. That was probably the most entertaining dinner I've ever had. It's not like a normal restaurant, there was a huge party going on all the time. There were dancers and singers on the stage entertaining us before, during and after dinner. Sometimes it was so good everyone stood up and started dancing while eating. I made so many videos but I'm not going to upload them but if you're really curious check out youtube. After dinner we went to PACHA night club only about 5 minutes away from Lio's restaurant. We had a lounge there and danced and drank all night long. David Guetta was the DJ for the night (morning haha). He came at around 3 am. I'm not a huge fan of David Guetta but it was still an amazing night. I wish I had seen other DJ though, such as Avicii, Axwell & Ingrosso, Afrojack, Armin van Buuren,  Amin Edge etc. They're in the clubs in Ibiza every week.

Anyways, we went to bed at 6 am and had to get up at 10 am. We went on a boat the next day... imagine 5 (still) drunk teenagers on a wobbly boat. I almost had to throw up hahaha.. it was seriously horrible. My advice: never go on a boat trip if you've been out for clubbing the other night. We drove to the island of Formentera, were sunbathing on our boat and ate lunch on the island. I was absolutely stunned when I saw the beach there. The water was crystal clear and soooo clean. I thought there only existed beaches like this in the Caribbean, but I was wrong. After our lunch break at Juan y Andrea we stayed there in the bay on our boat for a few hours before we drove to an other bay where it was a bit more private and we all went for a little jetski ride.  Of course I caught a huge sunburn on the boat... but I'm really tanned now hahaha. In the evening we ate dinner at KM5 until 2 am.

The next day we went to Blue Marlin Beach Club. We had 3 beds and spent our day there. The weather wasn't as good as I expected but after my sunburn I was somehow relieved it wasn't that hot and sunny. The music they played there was sooo good, I loved it. That's what I call a beach club. In the late afternoon the younger ones decided to go back to the house, take a shower and then come back for dinner. So we took one of our cars and I drove to the house. It was so funny to drive around with loud music and the people I was with. It was the first time I drove a car abroad. When we were ready for dinner we drove back to the beach club and ate dinner there. There were dancers and there was a party going on already at 6 pm... actually the whole day lol. After that we wanted to go clubbing again, I mean we were  in Ibiza right? I suddenly had a huge headache probably because I had too much sun and didn't drink much during the day. I went home to sleep and the others went to a club. They suddenly realized it was a gay party because there were only men... I think they went to an other club then or came home I don't know.

The next day we were chilling at the pool at home before we started packing in the afternoon before we caught our plane at around 8pm. I came home at around 2 am and had to get up early in the morning hahah.. but the weekend was so worth it.

Tips on a trip to Ibiza

I can highly recommend the placed I've been to.


USHUAIA Club and also resort (never been there but I heard it's quite good for young people)
Amnesia Club
Space Club

The clubs are very expensive. We had a lounge at PACHA and I don't want to say how much we spent the whole evening but we had to order a bottle of Vodka for 700 euros for example to spend the money we had to pay the lounge. Of course you don't have to rent a lounge to have fun but also the entrance fee is quite high. But I think the club is totally worth the price. You'll have the night of your life there.

You also have to be 18 of course and men are not allowed to wear shorts. You also have to be aware that the clubs are sooo crowded especially during summer. You probably won't have much space for dancing.


La Salinas Beaches (Malibu Beach Club
Blue Marlin Beach Club
depends on where you're going but check this out

The beaches I've been to are very clean and the quality of the water is excellent.


I can only recommend the ones I've been to (KM5, Lio, Juan y Andrea)
check this out 

The restaurants are like the clubs also quite expensive and you probably have to make reservations.

I guess that's it. Hope this helps a bit :) If you've been to Ibiza and you have some other suggestions/tips please comment below so others and also I can see it because I really want to go there again!

ps: i took so many more pictures but i don't want to post them without permission of my friends and family members and i'm too lazy to ask and explain everything.. sorry :D