Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well and I have to alpologize one more time for being so inactive lately...but 
I finally found a pair of leather espadrilles yay! As you may already know I already have a pair of mesh Chanel espadrilles. I wouldn't say they're not comfortable but the leather ones are waaaay more comfortable. I have a size 38 in the mesh ones and they run very very small.. my toes start to hurt after a while. When I went to the Chanel store 2 (or 3?) weeks ago I randomly asked if they had a pair of espadrilles left. I've been searching for a pair of leather espadrilles for almost a year and I couldn't find them anywhere. They were always sold out. Also abroad. And if they had a pair it was a 41 or something. I always called the store..almost every week :D. Back to the day I bought them: the lady said they have one pair left but it was a 37. I was quite sure they were too small but I tried them on anways. And they fit perfectly! I was so so happy that I finally found them! I'm not quite content with  the colour because white is always so delicate and I really have to be careful so they don't get dirty plus I the mesh ones are b&w aswell. I'm ready for summer!