FINALLY A NEW OUTFIT POST YAY! I've been a bit lazy lately when it came to outfit posts.. haven't posted one in ages but I thought it's time for a new one.

I really liked my outfit yesterday. It reminded me so much of London when I was there two years ago. I love that city so much and I'd love to go back. I'd really like to go to London during Christmas time.. after Christmas to be exact. Maybe during Christmas and New Year's Eve. I don't know yet.. The reason why it reminded me so much of London is because I'd really like to wear hats more often.. I saw so many people in GB who simply wore what they liked, they didn't really care about what others thought. They had their own style and didn't give a s*** about what others said about their appearance. For example they were wearing hats, ripped tights, bright colours etc. Whenever I wear a hat walking around in town people keep staring at me the whole time.. I don't know what's wrong with wearing a hat here. People say you should wear what you like, yeah that's what I do but I don't want people staring at me all the time because they think I dress up too much or what else they think. I Didn't wear the hat then, because of what I said above but I think that's what makes the outfit cool. Switzerland is simply a boring country when it comes to style. No one dares to stand out with an outfit, we all want to look nice but it should still look normal. 
I wore my super cozy new Acne coat. That coat is soo comfy and perfect for the weather we have here at the moment. It's too cold to wear short pants and light jackets, and too warm to wear winter jackets and scarves. Something in between. I also have a camel coat which would be perfect for the weather right now but I thought this one would be a nice addition to my closet. It has quite a unique look, it's an XXS(!) and it looks way too big but that's exactly what I love about it, it looks so casual and cool. I wore a white Rag & Bone shirt under it because it would have gotten a bit hot, the Acne coat is Merino wool so it keeps me warm. I originally planned on wearing my new Helmut Lang leather pants with it but I forgot that they're way too long and I need to shorten them a bit so they don't bunch up, bunched up leather pants look horrible. I went for my favourite pair of jeans then, they're from Pull & Bear and I've already had three pairs of them. Unfortunately there's no Pull & Bear store in Switzerland and I thought I can't buy them online.. but I was wrong, I can and I'm so happy that I found out about it so I don't have toalways buy them when I'm abroad anymore! After I've put on a rubber sole on my Acne boots because they originally have a sleek sole, which made it extremely hard to walk and you can easily slip, my grandma picked them up for me on Friday because I was in school. 

Happy rest of the Sunday everyone, I'm off to do my homework now! 

picture taken from my instagram @viralvogue

Coat: Acne
Shoes: Acne
Bag: Chanel
Hat: H&M
Shirt: Rag & Bone
Jeggins: Pull & Bear