Hello lovies! I get lots of questions what bag I'm wearing for school and if I have some ideas for a designer school bag.. here are some suggestions:

I carry a Longchamp bag for school. This may sound weird but I don't like the bag at all.. I mean it's not an ugly bag but there are many other bags which look way better. The reason I am carrying that bag is because for me, it is not very expensive and school is not a runway where I have to present my clothes and bags, school's for studying. I also don't really care what I'm wearing for school.. I mean I do look what I take out of my closet and that it looks good of course but my outfit has to be comfortable and to be honest I don't want to spend time in the morning to choose the perfect outfit and dress up. I don't wear a lot of make up (only mascara, some bb cream.. sometimes now even that and a nude/pinkish lipstick), I wear comfortable clothes, flat shoes (sneakers, slip ons, sandals, chelsea boots etc.) and a practical bag. I also don't feel the need to carry my expensive designer bags to school. I don't need to impress anyone. Also, my bags are too precious for me to carry around in school. I would never ever put them on the dirty floor there.. I don't know how others treat their school bags but I throw mine "around" at school- on benches, on the floor, not really caring where it lands, I put food in there, water to drink, throw pens inside etc. Some people on tumblr asked me why I even have designer bags when I rarely wear them? I do not rarely wear them I simply decided not to take them to school.. I really take care of my designer bags and I want to keep them as long as possible and that's the reason why I only take them outside on the weekends, in the evening during the week, for going to the city/shopping etc. I don't judge anyone who decides to wear their designer bags to school I mean if you've saved up for months or years to finally buy a designer bag you surely want to carry it around as much as possible and show it to everyone... that's totally okay. I got to school on the country side and maybe that's also a reason why I don't carry them to school or don't dress up much. It would probably look different if I'd go to school in the city of Zurich or even in my city where appearance is the most important thing at school. Enough now.. let's come to the bags. I'm going to list some designer pieces, because I get quite a lot of questions about that.
For people who are on a budget, try Zara, Mango, Topshop. I only know some stores in my town where you could get some nice bags for school which are not too expensive, not online sorry about that... hope this helps!