Hey guys! I'm got back from Bali last week and ready to show you all the pictures I shot and the video I made. Unfortunately it got blocked because of the really cool music I used so I had to re-upload it again without music :(.. the video would have been perfect with music!

19th July - 26th July

I just came back from vacation the same day with my boyfriend, barely had time to sleep because I had to unpack and pack my suitcase within a few hours. What a stressful day... a 14 hours flight ahead. The flight was okay though... way too long but I spent most of the time sleeping or watching movies. When we arrived at our hotel all we wanted to do was sleep.. all of us jetlagged we checked in in our hotel and went straight to bed in our rooms. We spent the next few days laying at the pool or beach.. just relaxing and surfing. In the evening we usually went to the beach because there were so many restaurants.

26th July - 30 July

The culture rich city... Ubud was amazing. After a 2 hour ride we arrived at the house we rented, built by a dutch immigrant. That house was simply breathtaking. No windows and in the middle of nowhere. We had employees who cooked for us and cleaned our rooms and it reminded me a lot of our trip to South Africa in 2008 where we also had a lodge which had no windows and we could hear absolutely everything- lions, elephants, rhinos, fights and wind. I wouldn't say I get a huge panic attack when I see a spider or a bug but run away screaming. Luckily, I never found a spider or any other animal in my bed... which I'm very thankful for. MY aunt and my cousin both had several frogs in their bedrooms... imagine you're sleeping and in the middle of the night someone downstairs suddenly starts screaming. One of the most beautiful things I've experienced was when it started to rain in the middle of the night. I love rain.. there's nothing better than sleeping with an open window listening to the rain.... and in the middle of the rain forest.. well, I don't need to say anything more it was so calming and beautiful. Although I would have loved to go to the Hanging Gardens hotel, which is famous for their beautiful infinity pools, it was so worth it and showed me once again that the most expensive hotels are not always the best.

The other day we went on a trekking tour to Muntigunung. Muntigunung is one of the poorest and driest regions in Bali. The reason why we wanted to go there was because my aunt and some of her friends raised money by running a half marathon. Because of their generous heart 16 of 35 villages now have access to clean water. Before, the women had to walk 2 and a half hour on a very very tricky path to a lake and then 2 and a half hour back for a few liters of water. We visited 3 villages and watched the women work.. one of the other goals of that organisation is that they have an income every month... that's why they founded a "label".. they produce baskets out of palm leaves, hammocks and cashew nuts wit several flavours like curry, chili etc. I don't want to explain more about the whole organisation but if you want to know more you can visit their website Future For Children.

After an exhausting day in Muntigunung we went to Ubud city for a city tour... we went to the sacred monkey forest first.. I personally think it's not that much worth it.. you see monkeys everywhere and you can feed them with bananas.. but that's all. Anyways, afterwards we ate lunch and then went shopping a bit.

30 July - 2 August

Menjangan is located in the north west of Bali and is famous for it's national park. We had to drive over  the "mountains" (i'm swiss excuse me haha) 4 hours to get there. We stayed in a lodge aswell but this time it was a resort not a private villa for rent. In Menjangan I upgraded my PADI diving liscenced, which I made in Egypt three years ago, to advanced. I had 5 dives, one was at night. When it comes to darkness and water I became such a little girl. I can't even go swimming when it's still bright outside but I can't see the ground.. I was so scared of that dive you can't even imagine but I really wanted that upgrade.. so I had to do it. I've never been so proud of myself that I forced myself to do this. After I jumped in that dark water my anxieties were all gone.. thanks to my diving instructor who was male and could have protected me from animals who wanted to eat me. Diving is wonderful, I love it. Diving at night was such a unique experience, you see totally different animals and corals at night. I had two dives the first day and 3 dives the next day. The next day we drove to Menjangan Island by boat and went diving near the coast. The rest of my family went snorkling and I went down to 28.5 meters. Compared to Egypt, the biodiversity in Bali was way bigger than in Egypt, the reefs were almost the same size but I saw a lot more animals and different corals.

2 August - 9 August

The last week we went back to Jimbaran. This time we had a beach villa and not normal rooms. That house was amazing.. I mean we had a butler :O  My cousins and I, we love sports. Surfing was our main occupation for 2 weeks. Because my cousin met a friend from Switzerland there they went surfing on different beaches with bigger waves, not like in Kuta for example. The first day back in Jimbaran we went to Uluwatu to see the Pura Luhur temple. The cliffs there were breathtaking and I couldn't get enough of that view... the next day we went to Dreamland Beach for surfing which was amazing, the waves were so big and the water still so clear. The other day we went to Padang Padang because I saw several pictures of that beach on Instagram and Tumblr.. I have to say I was very disappointed, I imagined it being totally different.. I'm sure it looks beautiful during high tide but not during low tide... and it was also quite boring so I didn't want to stay there the whole day. The next day I went to Blue Point which was also a great experience... I'll let pictures talk. The last day we went shopping in Seminyak and ate dinner at KuDeTa which I can highly recommend (reminded me of Ibiza a bit).

Now to all the pictures... somehow they're suddenly all mixed and not in chronological order -.- anyways... hope you like them :) If you have a question, just ask in the comments 

that was where those women had to walk down to get water...

Places to visit while you're in Bali (which I can recommend)

Uluwatu Pura Luhur Temple
Dreamland Beach
Padang Padang
Blue Point (Single Fin restaurant)
Jimbaran, Kuta and Seminyak
Nusa Penida (for diving)
KuDeTa restaurant

All in all Bali was amazing, I had a great time and I really want to go back one day. If it only wouldn't be so far away...