Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well and had a nice summer :) I'm back from Bali by the way and the blogpost & video will be up tomorrow. 
Since I get so many questions and compliments on my hair on Instagram and Tumblr I thought I'm going to make a post about my hair care routine. I'm getting a trim tomorrow morning because my hair's quite dry and needs some treatment after a four week vacation with heat, sun and salty water. 

picture taken from my instagram @viralvogue

So let's start: First of all, I love my hair. It's one of the things I like about myself. Having a good hair day makes me confident and my day a 100% better. My hair's my natural colour & naturally straight, never dyed it and probably never will. I thought about dyeing it a few times to Blake Livley's hair colour but my hair dresser said he's going to kill me if I do because of my natural hair colour and told me if I dyed it I'll probably never get back to my natural colour. 

I get trims every 3-4 months... once my hair was a bit shorter than it is now I had to cut more than 10cm because it looked so bad and I didn't cut it for like a year or something.. I told my hair dresser to cut it until it looked healthy..and that was 10cm. I was literally crying on that chair... never again. 

Now to the products I use:

I wash my hair every day. Which is really bad, please don't do that. I'm still trying to figure out how to stop that. If I wouldn't wash my hair every day I'd look like a homeless person all the time. My hair gets greasy sooooo quickly I'm not kidding, it's horrible. I have quite thin hair and not much volume. To wash my hair I use Redken shampoo and conditioner. I use shampoo only once &  use conditioner every second day. When using conditioner I put it only until my neck and focus on my ends. I brush my hair through using my fingers and then wash it all out very well. After I get out the shower I let my hair dry a bit wearing a turban for a few minutes.

After I get dressed, I brush my hair through using a detangling spray from Schwarzkopf (pink one) which is my holy grail product I've used it for several years already, I can highly recommend it. It also prevents my ends from getting split. I use Marlies Möller brushes. After brushing it through I use a moisturizing lotion for long hair in the ends only (from La Biosthetique). I usually let my hair air dry. 
If I decide to blow dry it or curl it I use a heat protection spray from Schwarzkopf (black one) or a styling lotion from Bumble & Bumble.

Depending on what style I want to create I use some thickening hair spray from Bumble & Bumble or some salt spray (Schwarzkopf, blue bottle or from Bumble & Bumble) for a beach wave look after I curl my hair.. or even when I don't curl it. As a styling spray or mousee I use my Redken volumizing foam or my volumising lotion (spray) from La Biosthetique. To fisnish my look I use my shine on finishing spray from Bumble & Bumble. Sometimes I also have some hair oil in my bag (this is the bigger bottle, I also have a smaller one from Bumble & Bumble) so I can use it when I'm on the go.

Since I'm sturggeling with oily/greasy hair and I have to wash it every day I also try to use dry shampoo every other day so I don't always have to wash it.. simply on the next day. I'm using a dry shampoo from Klorane. I spray it into my hair (scalp) and leave it fro about 3 minute, then I brush it all out using a brush. My hair looks as if it was freshly washed... And then on the next day I have to wash it. Dry shampoo is such a great invention, it's so easy and fast..when you sleep over and have no time to wash your hair you can simply spray it into your hair, brush it out and you look fresh. 

As a hair spray to set my curls, I use the L'oréal Elnett hair spray. Since my hair is quite long my curls don't stay long... unfortunately not even with hair spray. But at least it makes them stay longer for a few minutes..just kidding for a few hours. 

I curl or blow dry my hair very rarely because it's not good for the hair and I'm too lazy to be honest. If I curl my hair it stays for a few hours and then the beautiful curls are all gone... anyways, to curl my hair I use my curler from BaByliss or my curl secret also from BaByliss (video here). To straighten my hair I use my straightener from Herstyler which I use very very rarely because my hair's naturally straight but it never hurts having a straightener at home to straight your friends hair. 

That was my hair care routine. If you have any questions please comment below :)