Hello lovies! Here's finally a "New in"- post again. I don't know why I didn't continue with these but they're back now!

I went to Zurich on Saturday, the main reason for that was to meet someone from Instagram but she didn't have time then so I was left alone :( Decided to go shopping instead... bye money!
I went to Chanel and wanted to get a pair of sneakers but then saw that they're not even in stores anymore.. I'm a bit late lol. Then I went to Louis Vuitton and got a new scarf, I've had mine for more than three years now and it also looks like that.. not that I don't want to wear it anymore of course but I thought a new one would be great, also in a different colour. After my first purchase I went to Bongenie Grieder and tried on a pair of Isabel Marant snow boots (since I'm desperately looking for a beautiful pair of winter shoes) and a pair of Chloe Susanna boots. I tried them on for like the 30th time.. somehow I like them and somehow I find them ugly.. mixed feeling but didn't get them in the end, once again and probably the last time I tried them on. Same with the marants. I went upstairs to the clothes section and found some cool stuff from Rag & Bone. I also got a Marc Jacobs laptop cover there.After that I ate lunch at Sprüngli.. if you're every going to visit Zurich you haaaaaave to eat lunch there or at least have some tea and biscuits. The food is so delicious, the macaroons and pastries are heaven and also the chocolate of course. Brought some stuff home of course. Then I went to Fidelio store only a few minutes away from Sprüngli cafe. There I tried on several things and bought a jacket and a pair of shoes from Acne, and a beautiful pair of leather pants from Helmut Lang. Wanted to get a pair for a long time but I wanted to order them online because they're cheaper online but I wasn't sure about the size.. and they had the pair I wanted in stock soooooo.. The shoes are absolutely amazing, you might now that I have severe problems with my right foot (arthrosis.. yep at the age for 19) so I usually can't wear heeled shoes.. but there are exceptions. And that shoe is one yay! The Acne jacket is also gorgeous, outfit pictures will follow soon of course

On Sunday I cleaned my room and stayed in bed the whole morning.. in the later afternoon I went to see my boyfriend and we had a beautiful rest of the day together. I should really be studying at the moment and that's what I'm going to do now! Next post will probably be up on Wednesday.

PS: my dog, that little shit, peed on my bed like an hour ago and I'm still so angry. Just had to let that out.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!