Heeey guys! I'm back from Poland! After a very rainy and cold week in Krakow I'm glad to be back home.. post about it with a video will be up next week! I have to say I am so surprised by the weather here.. it so warm, or should I say hot outside? The sun was shining today and also yesterday. I was even able to wear hot pants today! But good things like the weather don't last long ... it was probably the last summer day this year and I was enjoying it to the fullest. I went swimming with my boyfriend in the morning, then we had a delicious lunch at Dean & Davis and then in the afternoon I went for a walk with my puppy and we both went to "puppy training" or whatever it's called, where he learns how to behave and stuff. Then in the evening my grandma and I cooked dinner together, as always and we ate dinner on our terrace by the sunset soaking up the last bits of sunrays.

I have autumn holidays for two weeks now.. and I'm leaving again for an other trip next Tuesday hehe... I'm not going to tell you where I'm going but you'll find out as soon as I am there. I'm also going to make a wish list, like what I plan on buying there and stuff.. Originally I wanted to go somewhere with my grandma but she won't come with me because she can't leave my grandpa alone in our house hahaha.. well I can understand that. He doesn't even know where the forks are... and he's turning 87 next year. My grandparents are both quite fit, my grandma is crazy and I love it. They both go swimming every morning, even in winter. They walk a lot and my grandma does a lot of stretching. And we got a puppy in February and he's keeping her fit aswell lol. She's my biggest idol. Not only when it comes to being fit at an old age (she's turning 77 next year), I admire her in every situation of life. I don't know where this is going if I keep talking about my grandparents.... so I just quit and show you the pictures of the outfit I wore yesterday.
I went for one of my destroyed boyfriend jeans I got at Zara last year and a striped top from Rag & Bone. I just loooove that combination, I think it looks so casual and cool! Once again I wore my beloved Chanel espadrilles and my super cute Céline nano luggage which I have worn way too less this year. It's such a cute bag but because of the colour it's quite hard to combine it with anything in my closet because I rather go for beige, black, white, grey colours. But I wanted something bright in my closet and the bag is simply adorable don't you think so?

Wearing: Zara boyfriend jeans, Rag & Bone top, Chanel espadrilles, Céline nano luggage