Hey guys! So this post is going to be all about my Givenchy Antigona Bag. It's the first review on one of my bags but I'm definitely going to continue with those. The reason why I start with my Antigona bag is because someone was asking on Tumblr and I think she's in a hurry or something :D Let me know if I should also start doing reviews on shoes. I will start making those aswell for make up products by the way...

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I have a Givenchy Antigona Bag in small and in shiny leather. I got mine in Dubai last fall and I bought it in the Givenchy store at Dubai Mall. Dubai haul's here.
It is also available in a bigger and a smaller size and also in different leather types (peppled leather, goat skin, snake skin etc.) and in all different colours of course.. check out the new collections too!

It's as I said black shiny goat skin leather and it has two small handles. And thank God, it has a shoulder strap (not removable). It's quite tight and because of the buckles on it, it sometimes hurts my arm when carrying it around because ti's quite "sharp" (pictures). That's a bit annoying and you can't move the buckles. Then there's like a little triangle pad with a gunmetal Givenchy logo on it, same colour details. As you can see it does not have feet, it just has two leather

The bag itself is hard leather and it's like a shell. It won't loose it's shape. Maybe it will sag after a few years... When I bought it I was so afraid of it "breaking" or scratching somehow because I had to put it between my feet and it was so tight in the taxi. But it didn't.

People always ask me if it's hard to scratch.. it really isn't. I do take care of my bags yes and I freak out when they get dirty or get a scratch. I mean you can't rub a key on it but that's with every bag, you just have to be careful... like don't risk anything. Mine doesn't have a single scratch yet and I wear it a lot and I've had it for almost a year now, the quality is amazing! I like to clean it from time to time with a little microfiber so it keeps it's shine and to keep it clean.

Also because it's sturdy.. like a shell it's quite hard to put something inside and take something out. The opening of the bag is quite tight (you can see it in the pictures). Inside it has two little pockets for keys and a phone and also one small side pocket with zipper. In my opinion the bag fits a lot inside, more than I need during the day; iPad, wallet, make up bag, brush, tissues, charger, phone, agenda etc. The bag itself is very light and you can put a lot inside and it won't hurt your arm when carrying it around.And it has a shoulder strap as I said before so it's perfect. I think the small version is totally enough for everyday use.

Here are some whole body picutres.. I'm 1.70m by the way.

Hope this review was helpful, if you have any other questions just ask :)