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Hello again! Yaaassss my blog's finally working again.. On Monday I got an email saying that I haven't paid for my domain yet for the following year so my domain/blog will be deactivated. When I got home I immediately turned on my computer and wanted to pay for it but then... my Paypal didn't work. I don't know why but maybe because of security. Couldn't do anything about it so I called my bank the next day, they changed something which took a day.. I have no idea what they did but it worked again the next morning so I could pay for it. And now here I am again!

I have a huge huge exam on Tuesday about two years of chemistry... and I'm really bad at chemistry. So I'm taking a study break of a few minutes at the moment. I bought some new lipsticks today to make me feel better ugh hahah.. it's not even that bad I know but I still, don't want to study because I absolutely haaaaaaate chemistry. More than anything else. Gotta go through that though :( Wish me luck!

My love for Mac make up, especially lipsticks grows with every lipstick I buy. I have lots of other lipsticks of all kind of brands. Chanel for example, the colours are all nice yes but the quality is bad in my opinion. Especially the nude/pinkish colours don't stay long at all. The darker ones are okay but there are so many other better lipsticks for that price!
 I bought a new Russian Red lipstick because I ran out of my old one, I love that matte colour but my favourite red matte lipstick will always be Ruby Woo. Then I got a cute pinkish lipstick which is called Bombshell, a nude one called Hue and a plummy coloured lipstick called Syrup. I got two new eye shadows aswell and a nude lipliner.
Lipstick simply looks soo much better if you use a lipliner before, some people only use it when wearing darker shades like red but I only use it when wearing lighter shades. My lips don't have a clear end like probably most of you have on their lips, it's like there is no real end of my lips and my skin begins.. if you know what I mean, kinda hard to explain especially if you're not a native speaker. Most people have a clear end on their lips, like a clear line. And I haven't :( I usually put powder around my mouth, use a base/undercoat (sometimes) and then put the lipliner on top & then use the lipstick.

The two eye shadows I got aren't "normal" ones, they're creamy consistency. I have very very similar ones from Chanel but the Chanel ones are less creamy, they're more powdery. And I prefer the Mac ones, I put the Mac one on my left eye at home and the Chanel one on my right eye and I thought the left one looked better. I usually wear complementary colours on my eyes because that make my eye colour pop out more (Thanks to Lauren Curtis, my favourite youtuber, for telling me). Daily make up routine video will come soon :D

When I got home I also realized that I really have a lipstick addiction aka problem, I have waaay too many lipsticks I rarely use and I decided to clean out my make up table. Actually threw away quite a few things which I haven't or barely used.. it's a waste I know but I need the space and I don't use the products, so why keep them? I also told myself to wear lipsticks more often. Which is what I'm going to do from now on.

I know you're all curious about all my make up and what my make up table looks like and I promise there will be a video about my make up collection, favourite products and table soon aswell! :)

Lots of love!

ps: I got lots of questions on Instagram about the "things" on my brushes... they're brush guards which keep my brushes in shape, prevent the bristles from fraying so you can keep your brushes a lot longer! You can buy the mesh material on ebay for $1 1 or 2 meters, tutorial is here. Thank me laterrrr