Some of you might be very surprised to see my face. Just a quick side note: I showed my face on Tumblr from the beginning so it's nothing really special to me. It's not that I don't feel confident enough to show my face in pictures I just think the pictures look better without my face on them. I want you to focus on my clothes and style and not on my face. 
Today I want to talk about my skin care routine which was highly requested on Tumblr. I'm just going to show you all the products I use and how I use them :)

First of all I want to say that I didn't always have clear skin.. back when I was a top athlete a few years ago I practiced a lot and also I was sweating a lot obviously.. together with puberty that caused lots of break outs and also slight acne. When I say acne I don't mean my whole face was covered with pimples, I just had some spots where I always had blemishes.. mainly in my t-zone. I also had "acne" on my back and between my boobs.. it wasn't that bad but it was still there. I did use cleansing products against acne but nothing really helped.. until I went to see a dermatologist. He gave me several products and also tablets against acne. It took around 4-6 months until I saw results. My "acne" got worse when I started with the tablets and the special product but that's totally normal. After I finished the tablets and the special cream and cleansing products he gave me my "acne" was gone.. of course I still have some breakouts once a month but that's it. I still use products from the same brand (Avène) he suggested. I used the line made for people with acne and when it got better I bought products for "normal" skin, which I still use today. I can only recommend that brand I think it's amazing and it really helped. 
Since I went to see a dermatologist I also completely changed my eating habits. I still notice today, whenever I eat like chips or any other fattening things I get pimples the next days.. so I try to aviod that. Not only because it's unhealthy but because it also causes breakouts. I also don't wear foundation and powder a lot because I noticed that these also cause breakouts. I only wear make up on the weekends. AND I ALWAYS ALWAYS CLEAN MY FACE.

If you struggle with acne or heavy breakouts, I'd suggest you to go and see a dermatologist. He can really help you and give you the right products. Usually the normal drugstore products like Clerasil or (never use that it's the worst thing ever for your skin) or Garnier may be nice but they usually don't really help against real acne. A dermatologist knows how to treat your skin and knows the right products.

Now to my skin care routine:

To remove my waterproof eye make up I use Lancôme Bi-Facil eye make up remover, it's an oily based make up remover.. it's not really skin care but I thought I should include it aswell, someone might be curious. I always hear people saying that wearing waterproof mascara is the worst thing ever for your lashes.. I've been using waterproof mascara since I started putting on make up so for quite a few years now.. and my lashes are still long and healthy. And for those of you who are wondering why.. I curl my lashes and if I'd use normal mascara my lashes would "fall down" again and would be straight again. I don't know why but waterproof mascara keeps them curled. You just gotta use the right make up remover so your lashes stay healthy and you don't have to rub that hard.. no wonder why people who use normal make up remover to remove it say it's unhealthy for your lashes when they keep rubbing their eyes for 15 minutes. I remove my eye make up every day.. no matter how tired I am. I can't sleep with make up on it makes me feel so dirty in my clean bed lol.

Then to remove make up- to wash my skin- I use an Avène Cleansing Foam. I wash my skin twice a day, after I get up/in the shower, and before I go to bed in the evening. No matter how late I get home or how tired I am I always wash my skin. Below you see I also have a cleanser from Clarisonic. I don't want to write a review about it but people were curious if it's worth it: I love that device, it makes my skin so smooth and clear. I don't use it much because when I get home, tired wanting to go to sleep I don't want to spend like 5 minutes just to wash my skin with it. You have to stay at a spot for example your forehead and have to wait until it beeps so you can use it somewhere else.. I mean you don't have to but still... I don't really regret buying it but I think if you're lazy like me, I wouldn't buy it. 

After I've cleaned my skin, I use a toner also from Avène. After that I usually brush my teeth so my skin's dry afterwards. Then I use my Hydrance riche cream for the night. If I have really dry spots I either use my Exiphil cream or a silver cream from Louis Widmer. If I have a pimple I use my Dalacin lotion which I got from my dermatologist.
If it's in the morning I use my Hydrance lègère cream or my mattifying fluid as a make up base.

I have a little beauty secret for you guys aswell: Whenever I have a pimple I put on a bit of my Chanel Hydramax & active cream on it. It all started when I was at starbucks with a friend and I had a pimple between my eyebrows.. I constantly touched it because it was annoying until my friend told me to stop and she took out a little "cup" thing where cream was inside. She gave me some of it and I put it on the pimple. I'm not even lying, it was gone the next day. And it wasn't a small pimple... I was so amazed that I asked her what cream it was. And then I bought it, and since then I always use it on my pimples... only. It's hella expensive and I don't want to put it on my whole face because I USUALLY don't really trust those high end beauty products.. But this cream is seriously aaaamazing, I was so impressed! 

Whenever I feel like my skin needs a peeling (usually once a week or after my beak outs) I use my Clinique 7-day scrub cream. For masks I use my Clinique moisture surge over night mask which you don't have to wash away after a few minutes (you can leave it on for the night, it doesn't really look like a mask.. it feels like a really "fattening" cream, even though it's not. I don't know how to describe it) or my Avène face mask which is just a normal face mask.

And yesssss and everyday make up routine and a make up collection post & video will be up on my blog soon :) Don't know when but I'm definitely going to film these!

Lots of love