Coats & Jackets for fall

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Hey guys! So since the weather got so bad yesterday and will probably stay like that I thought it would be a good moment to publish this post. In this post I'm going to show you the jackets I prefer wearing during fall.

The camel coat

This is a must-have piece in every wardrobe for me. It's difficult to find one which isn't too long and not too least for me. They're classic and look so good with every outfit. I got mine last year and it's from Zara.

The trench coat

An other must-have piece. The classic Burberry trench coats will never get out of trend. When people start wearing trench coats I know fall's here. I don't have a real trench coat right now but I'm going to buy one very soon. I always wear a rain coat instead. Mine's from Zara.

The oversized coat

Oversized coats are a huge trend now. I wore one in an older outfit post. They look really cool and casual. They look as if they were too big even though they're not and they're so comfortable!

The parka

Who doesn't own one? Parkas have been in trend since years and they still look good. Most people wear them combined with a fur hood.. I prefer wearing fur hoods during winter time. I had a Parka from H&M but I really don't like it anymore and the quality is so bad so I'm planning on getting a new one this winter or next year.. I'm going abroad next week and if I find something there I'll buy it :)

The leather jacket

An other must-have piece. A classic leather jacket belongs into every closet. If it's for fall or spring, it always looks good. Makes an outfit look less boring and gives it a rocky touch! Might be a bit cold at the end of fall but combined with a fur shouldn't be a problem. I got my leather jacket last year from Zara... I swear if we had an Acne store here in Switzerland I would have definitely bought it from Acne because the jackets are simply gorgeous!

The waterfall jacket

I'm still on the hunt for a cool one.. I really like waterfall cardigans aswell. I'm thinking about getting one from Abercrombie & Fitch. I only like them combined with a fur. I just recently bought this beige coat from Zara in Krakow and it looks like a waterfall jacket and I love it sooo much!  There's a picture of me wearing it on Instagram.

The faux fur jacket

Might not be for everyone but for really cold autumn days this jacket is perfect. Needs a bit more confidence and daring though. I got mine from Zara, you can find it here.

I really hope this post was helpful! Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions :)

Next will of course be the long awaited shoe post. I know it's very hard to find fashionable but good shoes/boots for winter. I'm still searching for the perfect pair but I'll keep you updated! Also fall outfit ideas will come & of course outfit posts with the jackets listed above!