Hey guys! Finally, here's the post about my trip to Krakow, Poland.

I was there a week ago, for a week. It was an educational trip, that means I went there with my class & two teachers. We stayed at a Youth Hostel and it was absolutely disgusting. Some of you have a total wrong image of me, you think I only sleep in the best beds, in the most expensive hotels. But that's not true, as long as the bed and bathroom are clean, I'm happy. But in that Youth Hostel I definitely wasn't. It was disgusting. There were hair and other indefinable things on my bed, and also in the bathroom. There were 6 toilets and 5 showers.... for like over 80 people. Imagine a morning where you wanted to shower... breakfast was "included". We had like a few toasts and butter + jam and that was it. When my class and I decided to go to that hostel we were happy with it because it looked so good! But it was absolutely horrible and I was not the only one who thought and acted like that. I wanted to go and buy a sleeping bag but couldn't find anything... but I survived :D

We arrived on Sunday, we went straight to out hostel which was near the market scquare. After unpacking our suitcases we went to the market sqcuare and we walked around in the city. In the evening we ate dinner together. On Monday we went to visit the Wavel, it's an old king's palace on a little hill near the Vistula river. Unfortunately there were so many rooms and exhibitions closet so we left again because it was boring. But it's a beautiful building with great architecture.

Tuesday was the most emotional day or our trip. We went to see the concentration camp Auschwitz/Birkenau. I'm sure you all know it, or at least you should have heard of it (!) We were there for a whole day and walked through the camp. We saw a gas chamber, prisons, pictures of prisoners, a room full of real hair, baby shoes and clothes, brushes, suitcases and things like that. IT was truly horrible and there were rooms where I had to walk out because I couldn't look at those things anymore and my eyes got wet. In the afternoon we went to Birkenau which is about 2 minutes away from the other camp. There we walked around. That place was huge! You can't imagine how big that are is! We went to see the ruins of gas chambers, to a pond where the ashes of thousands of people lay, we went to see the shacks where the people lived and slept in. We were all very quite on our way home, staring out of the window, listening to music and just think about our (cruel) world.
In the evening we went to eat dinner at a Jewish restaurant.

On Wednesday we went to see an old synagogue and had a lot of free time. In the late afternoon we went to Park Wodny (waterpark) to relax a bit. We went on water slides, to the sauna etc.

On Thursday we had basically the whole day for us, free time. My friend and I went to Galeria Krakovska and went shopppping! After that we walked through the city a bit, did some last food shopping at the market and then went home to pack our suitcases.

On Friday we went to visit a polish school and met some students there. They showed us their school and after that we ate breakfast at Charlotte's. Right after we took our bus to the airport and flew hoooooome.

I'd recommend buying a travel guide for place to visit and restaurant to go to. I went to see all the famous sights in Krakow and I absolutely fell in love with the city. If you have a chance to, go there it's amazing!

Restaurants we've been to: Cyklop, Charlotte, Camelot, Wesele, Hamsa, Cupcake corner

I'm sorry that it's not the best post about my trip... I only published it for someone who's going to Krakow this week to read but I hope you like it anyways! Really need to pack for my next trip, which starts tomorrow :)