Hey my angels! I hope you had an amazing Christmas with yout loved ones and I wish you a very Happy New Year! May all your wishes and dreams for the next year come true and stay save!

I had a great Christmas time.. unfortunately we've had a worse winter so far. There was no snow and a few days before Christmas I could actually walk around in a shirt because it was so warm and the sun was shining. I spend Christmas with my family in our house in the mountains, where we didn't have a white Christmas.. it's unbelievable. That hasn't happened in like 20 years. After Christmas day it finally started heavily snowing and I could finally go skiing here. After a week in the mountains I decided to go back to Lucerne, where I live to spend New Years Eve there. I spend New Year's Eve at my boyfriends house, it wasn't that much of a big deal it was very calm and we went to the lake where he lived and we did a countdown with strangers, drank a bit of champagne and lit our fireworks. Then we went back to his house and celebrated with his family. What did you do on Christmas and New Year's Eve?

I filmed a quick follow me around video of the last day of the year. Wasn't really exciting, didn't buy anything fancy it's just a typical day during holidays where I live. I focused on showing you guys the town where I live and not specifically what I bought or how the shops look like from the inside. I'm planning on doing more of those Vlogs soon so stay tuned!