Hey guys! Hope you all had a lovely holiday, a merry merry Christmas and 2015 is treating you well so far. I know I'm a bit late with this but I haven't been active here and din't post much since a few weeks/months. Skipping all this "sorry for not being active blabla" thing I'm starting right off with this posts topic: it's all about my Dior Tribal Earrings.

I got my Dior Tribal Earrings in Zurich last fall and I was actually so surprised because they were available there. I already wanted to buy them last spring but they were sold out everywhere and there was even a waiting list in America and in Europe, they told me it's impossible to get them. Disappointed as I was I went back home and forgot about them for a few months... until the day I went to Zurich, casually walking around, window shopping this and that. I walked past the Dior store and I was like why not go in there and ask. I asked if they had the earrings and they were like "sure we have like 5 pairs, wanna try them on" and I was like "duhhh of coursee! don't keep me waiting".
I wasn't really sure wether to get them or not.. not because I don't think they look absolutely stunning but because my ear lobes are quite thick.. if you get what I mean. I have very small ears and thick lobes so I was afraid that they won't suit me. But at the end I bought them anyways and I'm glad I did because I would have regretted it so bad. I wear them all the time, they look so cute and I get compliment on them a lot. You don't really have to take care of them since they're not real pearls, just don't spray perfume on them or make them wet. I love wearing them but they get quite annoying when you want to lean on someone. Also I apply my make up before I put them on and at the end of the day there's some make up on them which looks quite gross but they're amazing anyways. Definitely a piece to invest in :)

How do you like them?