Hey my beautiful internet friends! Hope you're all doing well! I'm currently enjoying my holidays in the mountains skiing (filmed a video and I will upload it in a few days). This post is going to be about my 20th birthday (presents). As a few of you may already know my birthday was on January 25th. I went to eat dinner with a few of my friends and my family at my favourite restaurant in town. On Sunday we went to my aunt's house to have some brunch. My birthday was nothing really fancy and I didn't throw a huge party yet.. I think I'm going to throw a home pool party in summer. I still can't believe that I turned 20. It made me realize that my childhood is officially over now which makes me quite sad.. I wish I was 16 again. When I was younger I could't wait to grow up but now that I'm becoming a grown up woman I wish I was younger again. There are so many things I would change if I could turn back time.

I already posted pictures on my Instagram. The 20th birthday was something special to me. As a few may already know I live with my grand parents. They're everything for me.. My grandma and I have a really strong bond and she's like a mother to me. I've lived with her for 9 years now and she's my biggest idol. I once told her about the famous Cartier Love Bracelets a few months ago and the story behind it and all that and I told her I thought it was such a cute idea. She knows the brand because she has some pieces too and she already heard about the bracelet before.. just not in detail. Then a few weeks before my birthday she told me she wanted to buy me one as a 20th birthday present. I couldn't believe what she said and I was so happy because it's such an iconic and stunning piece! We went to the store together two weeks before my birthday and I chose the simple yellow gold one, without diamonds, just a plain 18K yellow gold one. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I've been wearing it non stop since the day I got it and I think I'll be wearing it for the next few months. The sale's assistant told us that it's a huge trend now that family members buy it for each other rather than like the husband or boyfriend.. because you know you never know what happens :D. I think the bracelet and jewelry in general is a good investment. I'll be wearing it for years and it will always remind me of my grand mother.
I'm thinking of writing a "review" on it soon, like how I take care of it, how it feels like when wearing etc. The Love bracelet was not the only present I got but it was the biggest one. I also got presents from my friends of course and from other family members but I'm not going to mention them because obviously all you guys care about are my luxurious goods that I have am I right? :D
I also got a pair of Chanel sneakers. I've been wanting them for a while now but they were always sold out (as always at Chanel stores, everything I want is always sold out -.-). I originally wanted to get the grey/white or black/white ones but the grey ones aren't available anymore because they're from an old collection. I was at the store a few months ago and they only had the all black ones and they looked like grandpa shoes... not cute at all. And I tried on white/gold ones which look absolutely stunning too but I'm not a fan of white shoes and they're very delicate too when it comes to getting dirty. And they weren't my size anyways soo... They put me on the waiting list and a week later they called and I bought them. They were actually a present from me to myself lol. Same with my new iPhone 6 I ordered. My old iPhone 5 was broken..again. The home button didn't work anymore and it always shut down without any reason to.

So that was it. I hope you liked this post! Be safe & see you in my next post!