YAAAASSSSS THEY'RE FINALLY MINE! I've been searching for these high and low for about a year and I can finally call them my own....

When I was in Roma last year I went to the Balenciaga store and wanted to get them but they were sold out.. I searched online- sold out. These shoes were and are still always sold out... at least my size. I checked websites from time to time, got me put on a waiting list... and then I gave up.

I somehow forgot about them but when I was on Depop last week I saw @LailliMirza selling her 37.5's and I immediately sent her a message asking her if they were uncomfortable, about sizing etc. I went on google and searched on websites because I wanted to know their retail price. And I saw that she was selling her -slightly- used ones for more than they cost new.
So I went on Insta and searched for people who have them already and asked about the sizing, wanted to watch/read reviews on them etc.

Finally I decided to buy them online (found them on matchesfashion.com) because they were "cheaper" (lol). AND I WAS LUCKY THAT THEY HAD A 37.5 IN STOCK. I'm usually between size 37-38 and wasn't sure about the size because some told me they run small and others told me they run true to size. So I ended up ordering a size 37.5 because there was no 38 hoping they'll fit and thinking about selling them if they don't. I went for the gold/silver hardware because I prefer those over the "boring" silver hardware ones. They're also from the new SS15 collection. They came in a huuuuge box & I'm going to upload my unboxing videos from my online shopping session very soon.

When I put them on I was so happy they fit, I was like jumping around. I couldn't believe that they're finally on my feet.I know they're not everyone's style but I personally think they look so cool and I love them. And at the end of the day it's my decision what to wear and what not.
They are a bit tight actually but I think that'll come with time because the leather's quite hard so I have to break them in first. I'm also aware of the bad blisters I'm gonna get.. lots of people told me I'll get really bad blisters on my feet so I've been doing some research on how to avoid getting blisters. I can also imagine that they changed the shoe a bit since it's their newest collection. I've been wearing them at home since I got them. I always put vaseline on my feet and walk around the house. When I went on youtube or google I wanted to read reviews and videos but I couldn't find anything helpful (about sizing, leather, experiences etc.) only hauls with basically no information about the shoe and I think I'm going to film my own review video just because if there already was one it would have helped me a lot making my decision and if anyone is thinking about getting them it will be extremely helpful. I'm going to talk about their sizing, the hard leather, how I broke them in, how to avoid getting blisters in these kind of shoes (since you wear them without socks) and all that. Also how I wear/style them. I think these shoes or cut out boots in general are perfect for spring and also late summer and I'm really looking forward to wearing them when it gets warmer.

So that is it for now. Hope you're had a wonderful Monday and have an amazing week guys!