Hey guys so finally here's my highly requested London haul video with pictures! I know I bought a lot and I don't need to justify myself in front of anyone for anything I do. It's my decision. But I want to get something off my chest so you guys can somehow understand my shopping craziness: I live in Switzerland and we literally have like Zara and H&M and that's it for clothes shopping.. it's incredibly boring and I'm not a huge fan of online shopping.. I hate buying clothes that I can't try on and I'm too lazy to send them back if they don't fit. So I went a tiny tiny bit (lol) crazy in London. I was actually quite disappointed when I was at Topshop because they didn't have much clothes that I wanted to try and buy.. somehow I didn't like the collections they have in stores now. Didn't stop at Zara or H&M because as I said we have these here too. 

All my purchases are in the video & some pictures below :)

Make up & beauty related products

  • Toofaced Melted Lipsticks in "Melted Violet", "Melted Marshmallow", "Melted Peony", "Melted Candy" & "Melted Ruby"
  • Toofaced Chocolate Bar Palette (which smells sooooo incredibly good I lick it all off)
  • Toofaced Boudoir Eyes Palette
  • Toofaced Chocolate bronzer
  • Toofaced Shadow Insurance Primer
  • Urban Decay waterproof eye pencil in "perversion"
  • Urban Decay waterproof eye pencil in "smoke"
  • Urban Decay waterproof eye pencil in "hustle"
  • Urban Decay waterproof liquid eye liner in "perversion"
  • Urban Decay Make up setting spray "oil control"
  • Charlotte Tilbury Colour morphing eye shadow
  • Stila eye shadow palette "spirit"
  • Givenchy "mister perfect" instant make up eraser for lips & eyes
  • EOS lip balms in "pomegranate & raspberries", "lemon drop", "fresh watermelon" & "passion fruit"
  • Carmex lip balms
  • Blendercleanser make up sponge & brush cleanser
  • Tweezerman tweezers
  • Hello breath spray 
  • Beauty blender in red
  • 8 bottles of L'oréal True Match in Rose Vanilla
  • O&M Know Knott conditioning detangler
  • Batiste dry shampoo in floral & flirty
  • VS Mango Temptation shower gel, body mist & body lotion

Designer stuff bought at Selfridges and Harrods (they have everything)
Rag & Bone bought in their store at Sloan Square

Just in case you're wondering what suitcase I have, it's the "Samsonite S'Cure Four-Wheel Large Suitcase 75cm - Black"

My favourite purchase from London would probably be my Céline baby. This bag has been on my wishlist for so long but I never really thought about buying it. I thought it was so beautiful and I wasn't really sure about what size & colour to get. I went to Zurich from time to time and I always went past Trois Pommes and looked what colours they had, and they never sold the complete beige one. I also really liked the navy/beige one. When I was at Selfridiges I didn't intend to buy it I was just checking out their bags because I like walking around in malls and checking out beautiful and expensive thing. Then I saw the all navy one and I thought it looked really cute, so when the sales assistant came over to me I randomly asked if they had the beige on in stock just because I was curious.. I would have never thought that they had it because it's quite popular. But they did! I was so happy that they had it in stores but I was torn between the navy and the beige one (see Instagram). The navy one would add a pop of colour to every outfit and it's a very beautiful colour, but the beige one was more my style and I can combine it with everything. In the end I went for the beige one. I also prefered the smaller bags over the normal sized ones. 

Also an other favourite is the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Push-Up Bra. For girls like me with smaller boobs, this bra is THE thing to have if you wish you had bigger boobs. It makes your boobies two cups bigger and they look amazing. Seriously, I couldn't believe my eyes when I tried it on. I was completely blown away. No boobs job for me then, push up bras work wonders.

Somthing I forgot to mention in my video: the black leather jacket I got from All Saints. I already have a leather jacket from Zara and I used to love that but it was a bit too tight from the beginning. It's okay when I don't wear anything under it, like only a thin shirt but as soon as I wear something a bit thicker I feel like my blood can't run through my veins anymore. It's too tight, and I will be selling it. This one from All Saints looks as gorgeous as my Zara leather jacket but it's lighter and thinner.

I know I did not talk much about the things I bought in my Youtube video like why I bought it, why I like it etc. just because I didn't want it to be like 20 minutes long. I didn't go in depth so if you have any questions regarding my purchases please send them to me on my Tumblr (opulen-ce.tumblr.com) or write them in the comments below :)

Which is your favourite purchase?