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Hey guys! So as you may already know if you follow me on Tumblr or Instagram I'm going to London on Tuesday. It's my second time and I'm so looking forward to it, it's my favourite city in the world (never been to NYC obviously lol). I'm going to film a travel diary and the blog post will be up as soon as I get home.

I thought it would be the perfect occasion to make a blog post about how I travel, what clothes I wear. If you guys liked to see a "travel essentials" post too, let me know!

Now to the post: I like to keep it casual while traveling. There's nothing I hate more than feeling uncomfortable when traveling,  it's not that I travel in trainers but I don't travel in high heels and perfectly done hair and make up. Depending on where I'm going, how many hours I'm flying I go for Nike Roshe Run's, converse or chelsea boots. I always take a light jacket with me & I'm wearing a shirt under it so whenever I'm cold I can put it on and if it gets a little hot I can always take it off. An other must I always wear when traveling is a scarf. I always get a sore throat in the airplane from the air conditioning so I try to avoid that. I usually wear my Alexander MCQueen scarf. As a bag I mostly use my Céline Mini.


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outfit for spring

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outfit for travelling