Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well. Today's post is going to be all about my hair care routine. I've done one of these last year (click here to read my old hair care routine) but lots of things changed and I get so many questions and compliments on my hair on my Tumblr & on Instagram. I just recently stocked up on some of my products and also bought one or two new ones so I thought why not make an updated hair care routine!
Let's start!

First of all there are people who think less products is better for your hair, that might be true but this routine with quite a lot of products is what has worked best for me so far.

I still do wash my hair every day. I know it's bad for my hair but I just can't help it. I know the more you wash it, the greasier it gets but if I don't wash my hair I look ridiculous. Believe me it's not that I'm very picky when it comes to my hair and I'm obsessed with 100% clean hair... but I'm not kidding my hair gets greasy extremely fast and it looks gross. 

I went to see my dermatologist two weeks ago because I've had an allergic reaction from something and I got red skin all over my face and pimples and I was very worried, plus my skin got worse the past few months like I had a lot of breakouts. It made me wonder if I had developed an allergy of something like gluten or lactose. I had to give blood and I also told him about my greasy hair problem. What I found out a week later is that it's not only the washing that makes my hair so greasy it's also hormones and allergies. I found out that I react extremely fast to things that I'm allergic too, or just to things that I'm not used too (different water, air, fabrics, food). It's not only the skin on my face, it's also my scalp. He didn't want to give me any medical treatments (and I don't think there's anything he can do about it) but he gave me a mousse that I have to massage into my scalp and leave it in there for the night & then wash my hair in the morning. I have to use this for about two weeks and then we'll see if anything has changed.

Apart from that nothing in my hair care routine has changed the past few months. As I said I wash my hair every day, usually in the evening because then I can let it air dry while I sleep. I either use the Lush "Big" shampoo for volume or the Björn Axén Certified Organic Sensitive Scalp Shampoo. Sometimes I also use both because I shampoo my hair two times. They both smell really great and I can only recommend them! After that I use the Tony & Guy Conditioner for Dry hair mainly in my ends only because they're usually quite dry because my hair's so long. I use conditioner every second/third day. I put it onto my hair, and then evenly distribute it up to where my head starts with the WetBrush and leave it on for a few minutes while I shave.

When I get out of the shower I leave my hair in a towel while I get dressed or do my make up. I let the towel soak in all the water so my hair's not that wet when I brush it or use any other products.

Then I just spray in some detangling spray from Original Mineral into my hair &  brush through it with my Tangle Teezer or my my other WetBrush. I noticed less damage on my hair since I've been using my Tangle Teezer. Then I use my hydrating spa luid for long hair from La Biosthetique and distribute it in my ends and then I let my hair air dry.

Whenever I decide to style my hair, make curls etc. when I also use a volumising lotion from La Biosthetique, thickening spray from B&B etc.  just to give my hair some texture. Then I use a heat protector from LB aswell. To set my hair in place and to make sure it stays I use the B&B city swept finish hair sprayWhenever I feel like doing braids and I don't want all of my shorter hair coming out I use the LB fine cream clay.

And there are just some other random styling products I use for beach waves or extra shiny hair or whenever I feel like I need extremely straight hair. You can check them out on the Bumble & Bumble website: http://www.bumbleandbumble.com/products/69/Products/Styling/index.tmpl

To curl my hair I have three tools: my favourite curling wand is the Ultron Revolvn'It curling iron, which my hair dresser suggested me. I also have the babyliss Curl Secret which is really cool and easy to use and the HerStyler Baby Curling wand. Then to straighten my hair, which I rarely do (you can also create curls with it by the way) I use the GHD Eclipse flat iron

Whenever I don't want to wash my hair in the evening or when I'm too tired or I'm not at home I like to use dry shampoo. It's probably the best invention ever and I'm a huge fan of the Batiste dry shampoos! They're the best I've ever tried and used. I also sometimes carry a little bottle of dry shampoo from batiste or the Marlies Möller anti oil hair powder with a brush with me in my handbag, for sleepovers it's perfect. On that picture you can also see a lotion for sensitive scalp from LB which I used before, now I have to use that mousse my dermatologist suggested me. I might use it again, I'm not sure. 

Something that I use during the day, or in the enening on dry hair is maroccan Argan Oil. It has a lot of beneficial features and it smells great! I've been using the Nashi Argan oil for the past few months and I just bought an other one from Björn Axén because I wanted to try it out, my new one has some other oils inside too.