Hey guys! I'm back with an other kind of personal blog post. Some of you might have added me on my Snapchat (pascalemiau) and watched my story yesterday. I got some sponsored things from Hairburst, Frankbody, Uniqfind and Teatox. Even though I have a quite good amount of followers I don't do promotions like this often.. actually I have only done like 3 since I have my Instagram.
If you've already read my blogging story & tips on how to start a blog on my Tumblr  you'd know that as soon as you have a decent amount of followers brands or websites reach out for you and want you to promote their products, which they send to you for free, to your followers. I got my first collaboration requests when I reached 10k on Tumblr (choies, romwe etc.). I never really replied to collaboration requests the past few years/months because I either forgot about them or thought I didn't need them. There would have been lots of cool collaborations but I didn't take that chance. Now, that I have almost 70k followers, I realized that I'm so blessed with this whole blogging situation that I should take advantage of this. I mean so many of you probably dream of getting clothes, jewelry or other things for free just to promote them and also actually wear or use them. It's a really cool thing and a shame that I didn't realize that earlier. The thing is that I didn't want to be dependent and I still don't want to be dependent. When you receive an item, a dress for example the brand or website that sent it to you excepts you to promote it so others buy it off from their website too. But what if the quality is really bad? Or I wasn't satisfied with shipping or anything else? I don't want to promote low quality items or things that I'm not happy with to my followers. But it would be unfair to not promote the product because I don't like it because they sent it to me for free and I have to give them something in return.
Whenever I got an email from a website or brand (mostly clothes) I checked their clothes out and most of the time, the brand promoted their clothes with pictures from other brands, also lots of them looked really cheap and low quality.

As you can read in the title I got some sponsored goodies to promote. I changed my mind and my goal from now on is to answer all collaboration requests whenever I feel like it's something my followers would like. I'm only going to promote things I support and really like. There will also be honest reviews on my blog, like if I would have purchased these items myself. There are some exciting things on the way and I hope you guys are excited too and not mad at me or anything. I know it's annoying to see those promotions on Instagram sometimes but I promise I won't spam you with my promotion pictures.

What are your thoughts on the new way brands took to promote their products? 


This was probably the product that I was most sceptical about... I've heard a lot about it, it's everywhere on Instagram. It's a product that makes your hair grow... It's not magic and when they asked me to try it out I did a lot of research. I watched Youtube videos and read reviews. They're not magic pills but they contain vitamins that promote hair health and hair growth. I wasn't sure wether to try it out or not because I would never dare to order any pills online because I believe that you can never be sure of what's inside and where it comes from. But as I said I did some research and decided to give them a try. I already shot a "before" picture and I'm excited to see the "after" picture. Honest review and my experience will be up on my blog when I've finished taking all the pills. I have to take two pills a day, one in the evening, one in the morning.

Check out their website hairburst.com


Teatox is a german brand based in Berlin that produces teas. Not only those "skinny detox" teas also others. I don't want to go into much detail now because there will be a detailed post with a honest review on my blog when I finished my teatox. They sent me their skinny teatox, which is supposed to make me lose weight. But not only drinking the tea should make me lose weight.. of course fitness and a healthy diet is required.. otherwise it's unlikely to lose weight with just that tea. I have to drink the morning tea in the morning and the evening tea in the evening. They're not the same and they smell amaaaaazing! It's supposed to work because drinking those teas should suppress my appetite, stimulate my fat burning etc.
Let's see how it work, I'm excited to try it :)

Check out their website teatox.de


I was so happy and excited when Frankbody (628k Followers on Insta!) reached out for me and asked me if I wanted to promote their products! I have heard of their products lots of times already and I even wanted to purchase on of their scrubs myself. I'm really excited to try out the two scrubs and the body balm they sent me! Honest review will be up on my blog when the scrubs & balm are finished.

Check out their website frankbody.com


From Uniqfind I got a really cool marble skin for my Macbook sent to my house. I once saw it on an Instagram photo and thought it looked really cool but I didn't really think of purchasing one.. so I'm happy they sent me one :) I'll let you know how to apply it, how the quality is etc. 

Check out their website uniqfind.com