Since my Givenchy Bag review is my most viewed post I thought I should do more reviews of the bags and shoes that I own. I'm going to review most of my designer shoes, for example my Balenciaga boots, my Chanel espadrilles etc. anything you want. Plus I'm also going to make a designer bags collection and I'm reviewing every designer bag that I own. Today I'm going to start with my two Céline luggages.

Céline bags. Probably the most wanted bag for the last few years. They're everywhere. Everyone has one, or at least wants one. The smiley bag became a must have for every fashionista.

First of all, some information about all the sizes and colours that exist. Just skip this and scroll down for the review and comparison.

There are 3 different sizes of Céline Luggage Tote bags: the biggest one (Mini), the one in the middle (Micro) and the smallest (Nano). They all come in a huge range of different colours and leathers. There also exist tricolour ones.
There's also a "Phantom" bag which looks very similar to the Luggage Tote bags. The only difference is that the "wings" are bigger and wider and the zipper "tail" looks different. Apart from that I don't see/know any difference.
Prices depend on size, leather and colour.

Here are a few websites that list quite accurate prices and a lot of information


Céline Mini Luggage (black, grainy leather)

Dimensions: 12″H x 12″W x 7″D

I got my first Céline bag, my Céline mini luggage, in Cannes 3 years ago. Back then I got it for 1'900 Euros. I went for the black drummed leather one with silver hardware. The bag has three pockets inside and one with a zipper. There's also a little one in the front on the outside.

PROS: It fits a lot of stuff! Which doesn't make any difference because the more you carry in it, the heavier it gets. I love the bag so much! It's still one of my favourite bags and it looks amazing! I still don't get bored of carrying it.
The leather is really good quality and even though I've carried it lots of times already when it was raining it still looks like new.
It has base studs so whenver I want to put it somewhere the bottom doesn't get dirty.

CONS: The thing that annoys me the most about this bag is that it totally loses its shape, it sags because the leather is so soft. I store it with paper or old fabric and nothing helps.
Also, the bag is really heavy! Even when there's nothing inside and I wouldn't recommend it for a long shopping day or travelling. It has no shoulder strap so when it gets heavy there's no chance to change "carrying position".  Carry it in your hand or in the crook of one arm, your arm begins to hurt anyways if the bag's too heavy.
The inside of the bag is made out of micro suede. Which means you can see everything on that leather, every hair, every crumb.
Also the straps are too short to carry it under your shoulder.. and that doesn't look nice with that bag anyways.

Céline Nano Luggage (colour: sunflower, shiny/hard leather)

8″H x 8″W x 4″D

My second Céline bag was this yellow beauty. I got it while I was in Rome for around 2000 Euros. See? I got my Mini luggage for less than this little one here. Céline massively increased prices.

When I bought that bag I told myself "you need more colour in your closet". And since summer was ahead of me I thought why not? When I think back I have to say I shouldn't have gotten that bag. I mean the colour is beautiful and the bag is incredibly cute but it doesn't suit me and my other clothes. I think it's hard to combine with the rest of my closet and it's in its dust bag for 90% of the year. Not even in summer I wear it often. I should have gotten it at least in an other colour like red or blue which would have made my outfit decisions a lot easier. I thought about selling it a few times already but I'm still not sure if I should sell it or not.

Now to the information and review: the bag only has one pocket (without zipper) inside and a small one in the front.

PROS: It obviously doesn't fit a lot inside but it fits my huge Prada purse, my phone, a case for my sunglasses and some make up. That's it. Of course it's not an everyday bag but for such a small bag the most important things fit in there.
Thankfully it has a shoulder strap so it's easy to carry around. To be honest, I think the shoulder strap it a big too long (at least for my height, 1.70m) though.
It keeps its shape since it's hard leather and again the leather is great quality!

CONS: I get a lot of questions if the leather scratches easily (it's similar to the Givenchy Antigona leather but less shiny/less smooth). And the answer is: yes it does. Unfortunately the leather scratches easily so you have to be careful with it.
It does not have any base studs so whenever you want to put it on the floor (what I never do anyways), you put it onto the leather. And if you have or want to get a lighter coloured Nano, it gets dirty easily.

So all in all I love those two bags but I prefer my black one. Now I get a lot of questions from people that don't know which Céline bag to get. Now my advice: If you plan on getting a Céline bag for everyday use, definitely go for the Céline Micro because it's smaller than the Mini but bigger than the Nano - the perfect size in my opinion. It looks exactly the same. Also get it in hard leather and not shiny leather. It doesn't have a shoulder strap either but at least it's smaller and less heavier. Of course it's totally up to you which colour to get.

If you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer!

Lots of love,