This post was highly requested for months now and I finally managed to browse through the internet to find the ones that I liked the most. Especially since school starts in a week or in a few weeks it would be a great time to create this post.
You guys know I never wear backpacks, I prefer normal handbags. I personally think backpacks simply don't look as good as handbags. But last year and also this year the backpack trend is back and lots of celebrities and models wore backpacks. A good or should I say an ugly example? was the Chanel backpack. I personally thought it looked like trash and totally not worth the $$$$! My style is rather classy and chic so I also chose chic backpacks. Some of them are smaller, some are bigger. Some are for daily use.. not sure if you could or want to use any of the designer ones for school or uni. And also because some of you are on a budget I also included my favourite non designer ones from ASOS. 

PS: I'm really sorry about the first picture's quality I don't know why it looks so bad but I recreated it and it still looks like this. Hope you don't mind!



11.  ASOS
12. ASOS
13. ALDO