Ever since I got this dress I fell in love with it. I also got it in burgundy. It's so flowy and I love wearing loose dresses during summer! A few years ago I hated wearing dresses.. I wore shorts all the time. I wasn't a girly girl at all. But this spring me and some of my friend decided to start wearing a lot more dresses this summer! Because why not? Dresses are so cute and since I wear them a lot lately I wouldn't even think about changing back to only wearing shorts during summer! 

Also you need to know that I don't wear a lot of jewelry and if I do i wear a simple thin necklace and a bracelet. Nothing too fancy. And for shoes: during summer I wear my Miu Miu sandals 90% of the time, and of course my Chanel espadriles.. during the day. In the evening I change into my Choos or Miu Miu heels. Not a shoe lover to be honest. I stay with a few pricey pairs instead of 100 cheaper ones.

What do you prefer? Shorts or dresses?

Bag: Givenchy

PS: I know the dress needs to be ironed but when I shot these pictures I just threw them all together on the floor and they wrinkled.