So the past few days weren't that much fun for me. On Tuesday I noticed a difference in my voice when I woke up and I had a sore throat, same on Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday it got worse. I went to the hospital yesterday and the doctor gave me meds. I am so freaking pissed because one of my closest friends leaves for university in America next week. I will only get to see her during semester break which means twice a year (for several months though but still). She throws a party today and I won't be able to go there because a) I can barely talk and I look gross and b) I don't want her to get sick. Also my boyfriend leaves for a semester abroad (The Hague) until the end of January too.. on Monday. I hope I get to visit him at least once until January. He won't be here on our 4 year anniversary, Christmas, on my birthday etc. :( I'm going to miss him so freaking much I don't even want to think about it. This weekend would be perfect to spend time with my friends and boyfriend and also the weather is great. But my body decided to get sick. I can't change it so I'll just stay home and hope I'll feel better tomorrow so I can at least see my boyfriend before he leaves.

But there has been one positive thing the past few days: I finally ordered the Isabel Marant Bart Sneakers in white/red! I asked you guys in a previous post which pair of shoes I should get and most of you told me to get the Marants. I browsed the internet for like 3 hours straight to find them but they were sold out on every freaking website... (I even check out ebay, that's how desperate I was). I need a size 38 and no website had them in stock. I contacted one website to ask for special delivery, which they offer and they contacted Isabel Marant directly but the shoes weren't available for order. But I found a website that had a 37 and 39 in stock. I wasn't sure about which size to get anyways and I saw that that website does only ship within the UK... but I read I have to contact them for international delivery. I was like "uh no, too much effort for a pair of shoes". One week later I decided to contact them and ask how it all works. They were really friendly, replied incredibly fast (within like 15min) and told me everything about shipping and how payment works. They called me from the UK and I had to give them my credit card details via telephone for security reasons. That was quite a funny experience because the lady talked really fast and with a heavy British accent! But my English is quite good and I understood everything and all went well and the shoes are now being delivered to their store in London. After that they'll call me again for the shipping costs I have to pay, I'll give them my payment details again and then they'll be delivered to my home. I also asked her when a size 38 will be back in stock again and she told me they won't receive any new deliveries within the next few MONTHS. I still wasn't sure which size to get so I went for a size 37 and also 39 (I'm gonna put a sole in there). I'm going to sell the pair that's too small or too big :) You see.. I did the most to get these shoes!

I ordered them on Harvey Nichols but I saw they're now sold out in the sizes I got aswell.. probably got the last pairs. Sorry :D