Some of you already saw on Snapchat that I got a new Macbook. I thought since I get quite a few questions on Macbooks, which one I have, how I like it etc. I'm going to write a very short post about it.

I have had an (older) Macbook Pro 15", still does have a CD drive ( the newer ones don't). I think it's great for editing videos and pictures since the screen is so big. It has a huge memory and it's really fast! But it's very heavy! 2,7kg! I always carry my most important belongings in my carry-on suitcase or bag while traveling. But I can never take my laptop with me because it almost doesn't fit into my suitcase and it's too heavy #firstwolrdproblems

I've had a windows computer before.. back then I thought Macs were so complicated and I didn't have the intention on changing to Mac. But when I started with my major subject at school, which is art, I decided to buy a Macbook because so many of my friends had Macbooks and also they told me they're a lot easier to work with than Windows. So I got a Macbook and I'm happier than ever, I would never ever change back to Windows. They don't only look good, they're also really easy to use. Especially if you have an iPhone & iPad like me, having a Macbook makes all 100x easier. 

But now mostly because I can't take my Macbook Pro with me anywhere while traveling or for school/uni I decided to get a Macbook Air 11". It's a loooooot lighter (1,08kg) and also thinner. I can take it everywhere, it easily suits some of my bags. Yay!

From now on my big and heavy Macbook Pro will stay home and I'll work on it for editing my pictures, writing assignments etc. and I'm going to take my Macbook Air with me whenever I go traveling or when I go to school/uni. I have the exact same programms installed on both laptops.