Thought I'd just but a selfie here :) don't like posts without any pictures!
Since my skin is breaking out at the moment (Snapchat, not on the picture. I only take selfies when my skin's looking hella good! :D) I thought I could share my acne story with you guys. I'm also going to share some tips, going to tell you how I got rid of my acne and what I do against breakouts these days. 

Acne story

I didn't always have clear skin.. back when I was a top athlete a few years ago (mainly when I was 15-16) I practiced a lot and also I was sweating a lot obviously.. together with puberty that caused lots of break outs and also slight acne. When I say acne I don't mean my whole face was covered with huge pimples, I just had some spots where I always had blemishes.. mainly in my t-zone and they never went away. I also had acne on my back and cleavage. I did use cleansing products against acne/blemished skin but nothing really helped.. until I went to see a dermatologist. I felt so insecure and ugly and I wanted to change something! He gave me several products and also tablets against acne. It took around 2-4 months until I saw first results. My "acne" got even worse when I started medication and the special products but that's totally normal! After I finished medication (after 6-10 months) my "acne" was gone.. of course I still have some breakouts once a month (hormonal) but that's it. I still use products from the same brand (Avène) he suggested. I used the line for acne prone skin and when it got better I now bought products for "normal" skin, which I still use today. I can only recommend that brand I think it's amazing and it really helped. 

I would have really liked to show you some pictures of that time but since I have my Macbook I got rid of all old, unimportant pictures and I don't have any on my it anymore so I'm really sorry about that. 


Now to my tips. First I have to say I'm not a doctor nor am I a dermatologist. I'm just sharing tips that helped me, worked for my skin. Hope it helps!

Clean your face! It's important to wash your face twice a day to remove impurities, dead skin cells that clog your pores and also extra oil from your skin's surface. Use warm water, a wash cloth and a mild facial cleanser. I'd also suggest using a cleansing brush since it cleans your face 8x better than your hands do (read my skin care routine). But be careful with cleansing brushes because you need to clean them correctly and don't use them after you've popped a pimple, otherwise you will spread bacteria and your skin will get even worse) I use Avène skin care products and I won't be using anything else until I die. They're the best facial products I've ever used. I can only recommend them.. they're a bit pricey but worth every cent! If you suffer from acne stay away from Clerasil products! They're the worst and dry out your skin so badly! 

Clean your make up brushes! You should clean your make up brushes at least one a week to get rid off old make up, dirt, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. I have one from Mac (antibacterial of course) which I use every week and one from Clinique that I spray on a tissue while I'm doing my make up when I want to clean a single brush during the day. 

Change pillow case every second day! We sleep on it every night, we sweat a lot during sleep.... it's basically soaked in sweat for 8 hours and we sleep on it after we've cleansed our face. Gross huh? Change it at least every second/third day. It takes 30 seconds. That's the tip that worked best for me out of all (when I wasn't on medication anymore)! 

Keep hands off your face! The less you touch your face, the less breakouts and irritations you will get. Don't even think about how many bacteria and dirt is on your hands and especially on your phone. We constantly touch our face, we don't even realize. As soon as you realized get your hand off your face.

Sanatize your phone! Since we're always on our phones, we touch everything go onto our phones and then touch our faces. Not cool at all if you think of all the germs on your phone.

Moisturize! If you're using products against acne or are on medication they're drying out your skin! be sure to moisturize it in the morning and in the evening. It depends on your skin actually.. I only put a thin layer of moisturizer on my skin. 

Peel! Peelings exfoliate your skin and you'll get rid of dead skin cells, your pores won't appear larger anymore because they were clogged up with dirt and oils. Don't use peelings on irritated skin or popped pimples!

Eat healthy! Cut out fattening things out of your diet. I also noticed that my skin gets better when I reduce my dairy consume (!!!!!) my second best tip!  Eat lots of fruits and veggies! Juicing also really helped me.

Reduce wearing make up! If you have a pimple it's obvious that you want to cover it up! That's common and the usual thing to do. We cover our pimple because we don't want anybody to notice but because of that they get even worse. But if you get heavy breakouts you should stop wearing foundation.. I know it sounds so easy but it's the best thing you can do! If you still decide to wear foundation or even only concealer wear acne friendly make up and clean your face in the evening.

Pop a pimple - yes or no?

I know we all do it, but we shouldn't. If we pop a pimple there's a chance of bacteria coming in and there'll be a scar afterwards if you do it with your nails. My dermatologist told me to just let it dry out and to not touch it. What I like to do when I have a pimple and it really annoys me I pop it and then use a few drops of medical alcohol and dab it on. I also really like using tea tree oil on it or I do spot treatments (put a mask on it and leave it over night, I use Glamglow's SUPER-MUD mask). If you want to pop a pimple make sure you clean your face before, get rid of all make up and wash your hands.

If nothing works then you might want to go and see a dermatologist. You'll have to give blood and he'll eventually put you on medication. The medication that I was one was called "Curacne". He'll also give you special creams or even suggest you to get a different cleanser and toner etc. 

So that was it guys! If you have any other tips that helped you, help a sister out and leave a comment :) Also let me know if any of those tips helped you!

Lots of love,