Actually I don't believe that any magical pills cane make your hair grow over night. The secret to to long healthy hair is the right care & getting trims regularly (every 3-4 months). I got my hair cut two days ago and thought it would be a good time to post my review on Hair Burst.

What is hair burst & how does it work? 

They were kind to send me the 30 day supply. I was curious because it's been on my Instagram many times but I probably wouldn't have bought it myself since my hair is already quite long. In general I also don't trust any medical related stuff like pills or any serums, drinks etc. because I feel like you never know what's in there when you buy those online from China.. and I mean it's got something to do with your body and healthy.. you should be aware of where your medicals come from and what's in there. I did some research on the contents (Hair Burst is a British brand), read other reviews and accepted their request and started my hair growth journey.

I took 2 pills every day, one in the morning, one in the evening. After I've stopped taking the pills I can definitely say that I saw a difference. Unfortunately I didn't take a before & after pictures.. that would've been so cool to look at. Natural hair grows about 1 cm a month and I saw and also felt that my hair grew at least 2-3cm during these 30 days. And that's a lot for only 30 days!

The question that I got asked the most is, if it promotes hair growth in any other ares of the body too. How I experienced it was, that it didn't affect any other are than my scalp.

Of course it's not necessary to take special vitamin pills for hair growth you could also just simply eat the right things. The pills are quite pricey and I personally wouldn't spend 36 euros/40 Us dollars on hair growth pills for 30 days. But there's all in one pill and if you're really struggling with growing your hair then I'd definitely say give it a try :)

If you have any other question that you'd like to have answered please leave it below and I'll be happy to do so!

Lots of love,