Here's the outfit that I wore a few days ago. I went to my hair dresser to get a trim at 9:00 in the morning. After that I shot those pictures & picked up my puppy and went to my uncle's office to work on my thesis I have to hand in in October. My grandma was so she couldn't take care of him and I didn't want him to be at home alone for the whole day. I've been here working for the past week and I'm also going to be here this week. 

I've been really busy today and also yesterday finishing my room. Me and my boyfriend built some furniture yesterday and today I cleaned everything and reorganized my stuff. So I'm sorry for not snapping much today! 

This combination has been my favourite lately. Ever since I got this lace bralette I've been wearing it a lot! I already have a few (black & white ones ) but this one is by far my favourite out of all of them! It's incredibly comfortable, has no cups and simply looks great under a see-through or loose blouse or top. I think I'm going to get some other lace bras in all different colours to wear under blouses! 

Bralette: Anine Bing
Jeans: Mango
Blouse: Zara
Bag: Céline Trapeze