Hey guys! So currently I'm having a little issue with myself: I want to get a new pair of shoes, a new pair of sneakers to be exact. I don't wear sneakers often and I only have a pair of black Nike roshes, a white pair of Nike Air Force 1 (which I don't really like anymore and which I'm probably going to sell) and my Chanel sneakers. I really want to get a new pair. A pair which adds a pop of color to every outfit I decide to wear them with. The only thing is: I don't know which ones to choose.

As you can see I want to get either an all red pair of sneakers or white ones with a little bit of red. When I was in London this year I saw a girl wearing Isabel Marant Bart sneakers and I somehow fell in love with them. They looked so good with her outfit and I thought I had to get myself a pair too! But since there isn't only one shoe like that my problem starts.

Adidas Superstar 

Ever since these came out I wasn't sure if I liked them or not. And I still don't know. Whenever I see someone wearing them I think it looks cool but on the other hand I can't imagine myself wearing them. It sounds strange but it's a love-hate relationship. I love that they're ALL RED and so bright. You automatically stare at the shoes and an outfit never gets boring.

Nike Airmax Thea

I'm not an Airmax girl. They might be comfortable but I don't think they look chic. However the Airmax Thea are a mix between the Nike Airmax and the Nike Thea shoes. Which makes them look a little less bulky. The red of the Nikes actually isn't more orange than the red of the Adidas shoes, it's just the lightning. From both of the "all red" shoes I prefer the Nike's shape.

Adidas "Stan Smith" X Isabel Marant "Bart"

I decided to talk about these two in one paragraph only because they look the exact same.. at least from distance. They're both white and have that red part on the back. The only difference I see is that the Adidas has a few small holes on the sides and the shoe tongue is a bit thicker. The only real difference is the price obviously. I prefer the shade of the red from the Marants but I think the shape of the Smith's.
The Marants are sold out EVERYWHERE in red, which sucks but if I see any website restock them I'm definitely going to buy a par but since they're so popular I probably have to go for the Adidas.

I'm in a dilemma, help me! Comment below which ones you prefer and I'll be glad to read all of your arguments to make my decision!

Lots of love, Pascale xx