So the ones that follow me on Tumblr might have read a question & answer where I talked about my blog's future. I told the girl that asked what posts will follow because she suggest me to create a few blogposts so I thought it was the right time to reveal what I'm going to do with my blog in the future. I have lots of new posts planned... not saying much yet but I'm going to post a lot more (what you've probably already noticed) and also different content. When holidays are over I try to post at leat three times a week. There won't be any specific days but I'll try to post as much as I can.
From now on I will post my favourite outfits that I've reblogged on Tumblr the past week every Sunday evening. I get all my inspiration from Tumblr and I simply want to share those outfits with you. I'm not going into much detail with you. If requested I can recreate those outfits for you or source the clothes they're wearing or search similars. However, hope you like it!

Lots of love,