Shoes for fall & winter

I'm back! So sorry that I haven't posted anything on my blog this week but our internet connection is not working, our phones at home are not working, NOTHING WORKS. So annoying! Hopefully everything will be fixed until the end of next week.
So finally here's the highly requested and long-awaited post about shoes for fall and winter. Fall is my favourite time of the year, I love wearing boots and clothes are my favourite during fall time! I think it's quite easy to wear shoes during fall... but when it comes to winter. Huh, somebody find me a stylish and warm pair of winter shoes! It's like impossible for me to find a pair of warm boots I can wear during winter that I like! To be honest.. I love keeping my feet warm and so I mostly go for UGG boots! I know, so stylish! There's no snow on the streets usually so my feet stay dry! I personally think they're one of the ugliest shoes on the market! They make our feet look like penguin feet and they're huge! But the lower ones look okay in my opinion.. if you "fold" them down. 

Anyways my must have shoes for fall are definitely chelsea boots, suede boots, snake skin (look a like) shoes, fringe boots, studded boots, cut out boots and knee high boots. Depending on the weather of course cut out boots might be a bit too cold but you can always wear tights! 

For winter I just got myself the Isabel Marant Nowles boots. They look really strange on pictures and in the store but as soon as you wear them I think they look really cool! They're not everyone's thing though I can understand that.
Sometimes I also wear boots during winter.. when it's a bit warmer or I simply wear thick socks inside them if they still fit.

Isabel Marant Nowles Boots

The shoes are all high end I know. It's a lot easier for me to collect them and make a collage when I go on for example and just type in boots and pick out the ones I like. Of course there are cheaper alternatives, this is just an inspirational post so you see which shoes I like and would wear so you can buy those or just similar ones.

I hope this post was somehow helpful! What are your favourite shoes for fall & winter?