When I was in Ibiza I surely went shopping. I was really surprised because there were not many luxurious shops. I mean dring summer all the rich and famous go to Ibiza, where do they shop clothes or shoes? They probably don't even go shopping there and wait until they arrive in St. Tropez. Anyways, the designer shops I found and went to are Mayurka (3 shops), NYC and reVOLVER. 
I also went to Mac and bought some make up but I already made a mini haul on Snapchat (sorry for those of you who don't have Snapchat).

At reVOLVER I got a new small wallet from Comme des Graçons. I'm going to use it whenever I'm abroad because I change wallets. I'm not taking all the things I need in my wallet at home with me when I go abroad. All I need is my ID, insurance card, credit cards, coins and notes. Don't need a big wallet for that. 

I bought the two pairs of shoes above at Mayurka. I went in, walked around and then suddenly I saw the Aquazurra flats and I was like "omg do you have these in a 37/38?!" and she was like "yeah sure just give me a second!". Those shoes are sold out on almost every website in my size! I tried on 37 and 38. 38 was more comfortable but too big. So I asked if they had half sizes. And they had. So I couldn't resist. I've wanted these all summer long because lace up flats were a huge trend this year. I might be a bit late but I'll wear them next summer or whenever I go on holiday.

Get them here

Then I walked around again and saw those Balenciaga boots. I've been looking for a new pair of chelsea boots for a long time because my old ones from Steve Madden which I've had for 3 or 4 years look horrible. I originally wanted to get the ones from Saint Laurent but when I saw the Balenciaga boots I knew that I preferred those. They fit smaller so I got a size 38 1/2 (I usually have size 37.5-38). The chelsea boots from Steve Madden are plain and don't have any details on the sides or front so the ones from Balenciaga are different but I like them. Now I'm 100% ready for fall and I'm so looking forward to wearing both of these shoes!

What do you think about the newest additions to my closet?