My 2015 fall must haves

Since I came back from Ibiza a few days ago fall season has now officially started for me. Fall is my favourite season when it comes to clothing and food (pumpkin season, you know what i'm talking about). As you guys know I didn't post a lot of summer outfits, also not on Instagram. I feel more comfortable wearing skinny jeans instead of shorts or short dresses. I love oversized turtle neck sweaters and thick scarves. I love capes, ponchos and coats. Fall outfits are just so comfortable and I love waking up to a foggy landscape and seeing the leaves turn red and brown. Everything's so relaxing and that's what I love about fall. It's slowly getting colder and I love coming home after a long day so I can snuggle up in my bed with a cup of tea and a book.

Now to my fall must haves: The picture above is quite self-explanatory but I'm still going to write a few words about each item.

Actually it's almost the same every year, there's just a few things that change. 
My biggest must haves are thick knit sweaters of course, I love turtle necks, especially oversized ones. 
My second favourite is the poncho or a cape. I just love those, you can throw them on and every outfit looks chic. I wear ponchos all the time when it's still a bit warmer outside. 
Also I really want to get a few knit dresses so I can combine them with tights, some boots and a hat. 
The ones that have added me on Snapchat (pascalemiau) know that I bought a suede beige leather jacket from Topshop a few weeks ago. I love wearing mine even though it turned out to be a lot darker than it was in the picture but I don't mind. 
Apart from ponchos/capes, leather jackets I love wearing waterfall camel coats during fall. They look amazing and I could stab myself in the eye that I didn't get the one from Zara last year! 
When it comes to shoes, there's nothing really special about them. I live in chelsea boots during fall and I just got a new pair. You can combine them with everything and they're perfect for the rainy weather. What I'd still like to get are fringe boots and snake print boots.

Joie black poncho, 535 CHF 
 Burberry cape poncho, 690 CHF 
 Zara woolen coat, 145 CHF