I'm back with an other review on one of my bags. I plan on reviewing every bag I own and also some shoes, for example my Balenciaga cut out boots. I've already done a review of my Givenchy Antigona bag and on my two Céline Luggages

I got my Chanel boy bag two years ago, here's the post. Back when I got the bag it was USD 4100 but Chanel increased prices so I don't know for much much it retails today.
I got the new medium size. Chanel boy bags come in several sizes; small, medium and large. The "new" medium size is a mix between small and medium. For example below is the old medium, and also here's a video of a comparison.

Also they come in several different leathers and patterns: I went for lamb skin. Lamb skin scratches very easily and if I could go back I'd go for calf skin even though I think lamp skin looks better.

The bag comes in silver and gold hardware and it has a strap so you can wear the bag cross body or over your shoulder. It has a small pocket on the inside for cash, your phone or whatever you want to put inside. I think for such a small bag it fits quite a lot. For me it's too small for an every day bag but I still think it's an amazing bag. I think the boy bags are the most beautiful Chanel bags. They're not as elegant as the classic flap bags but they look really casual and sporty. That's why I love this bag so much! Out of all of my bags it still is my favourite and I would definitely recommend it!

I've had it for almost two years now and the pictures were taken today. I wear this bag a looooooot and it still looks like new don't you think so? I think it's a great investment and the quality fo the bag is great (it better be for that price!). I fall in love with this bag over and over again and I can't get enough of it.