Social media was THE topic last week. Lots of bloggers, instagramers and youtubers already talked about it and also a lot of you asked me about my opinion on E.O's video, where she said she's quitting social media. In this post I'm going to tell you how I experience social media.

I love taking photos and uploading them onto my social media accounts and I love interacting with you guys through social media. It became a part of my life, I can't deny it. But it's not my whole life. I still do have a life and friends apart from social media. Social media isn't everything for me. The number of followers I have online doesn't make me any of a better or less of a person, especially not in real life. The number of followers you have is so irrelevant. It doesn't say much about your work and also not much about you as a person. So why let it define you? The (growing) number of followers only shows me that what I'm doing is right, that people like what I'm doing and that I should continue doing what I do. I met so many people before I even started my blog or made an Instagram account. I'm still the same person I was before. Just with a little bigger online precence. Some still don't even know that I have a blog because I don't run around and yell it at everyone.
Yes, my blog and my Instagram became a little growing business for me. Social media is a business and it becomes more and more important for brands. We live in a society where everything turns around money. Brands want to make as much money as possible. They use bloggers and Instagramers, such as me, to promote and sell their products. They don't really care about us as a person, all they see is our amount of followers and the profit they can make. We're an object. That's the world we live in. We're a consumer society. Brands don't want to make you feel beautiful in your clothes, they're not doing anything to make yourself feel better. They might tell us but that's not true. All they want is to sell their products and clothes so that their wallet is full at the end of the year. That's our society. Don't only blame it on social media. Social media just helps this wheel go round.

Social media is not real life, but that's nothing new. Anyone with common sense knows that it's not possible to have such a perfect relationship like Alexis and Jay have. It's not normal to constantly jet around the world and get paid for vacation. It's not normal to live such a "fancy life" (how you call it) at my age. I show you what I want you to see and what YOU want to see. I post what you except me to and what you're interested in. It's such a small part of my life that I show you. I have a lot more to offer than expensive Chanel bags and fancy Acne clothes. But that's not what my blog is about and that's not what you want to see in the first place. The ones who follow me on Snapchat know that my life isn't that luxurious at all. My days are the same, nothing exciting happens during the week. There's these few moments where my life might me a little more exciting than others, at least that's what you think. Social media is controllable. No one shows you the bad moments of their days, or their lives. Humans want to tell others how happy they are, how perfect their relationship is and how amazing their lives are, where they're going and what they're doing so everyone admires them and gets a little jealous. It's all fake and only a small part of someone's day. Pictures and videos are planned, scenes are built up, pictures are posed and edited. They're not random snapshots.

The problem is not social media, it's how YOU use it. If you let it define you, let it so close to you and it becomes too important in your life then there's something YOU should change. If you give up everything apart from social media, neglect your family and real friends, then you're the one to blame, not social media. If you get too addicted, help yourself and reduce your consume. I see myself quite a few times when I'm on my phone when I'm with my family or my boyfriend and then I remind myself that I'm with someone who's more important than editing and posting a picture on Instagram, and I put my phone down. If you don't actually realize this yourself then no wonder you get to a point where you want to blame everything on social media, have a little breakdown and realize you've gone too far.

How I experience social media

As I said I love taking photos, I love to connect with readers all around the world, I love talking to you on a personal level. I love giving tips, advice and to inspire you. When I started gaining more and more followers brands started to send me emails if I wanted to promote this and that... for money. I only support and promote items that I would personally use and I fully stand behind. I don't want to promote crap just because I get money for it. You deserve better. I don't want to fool you since you give so much back to me. I've never experienced that a brand told me how to hold a product, told me exactly what to write in the caption, except a few hashtags, and told me when exactly to post the picture. If a brand would tell me to do all of this I would feel way too controlled and I wouldn't agree on the promotion. I's my decision what I want to show you, how and when I want to do it.

There is this constant pressure to please everyone. To not disappoint your readers. To always post a new outfit, not with the same shirt or jacket as yesterday because your readers might get bored of it. The pictures have to be good quality, outfit has to be cool so everyone likes it. You might have noticed that a few months back I wasn't active at all. It was because I didn't enjoy blogging or taking pictures as much as I used to before. I got to a point where I just didn't care about anyone on here at all, because I felt like there are more important things in real life. I thought about simply deleting my social media existence. I went on holiday with my boyfriend and didn't post anything at all for a week. I didn't post anything on my blog when I was in Portugal with my family. Sometimes I feel like I should live for the moment. I should spend more time outside admiring nature's beauty, go for a walk with my dog and just enjoy all the things live has to offer. That's still how I feel today sometimes but I really do enjoy "blogging" and posting pictures on Instagram more than before. You might have noticed that I don't post regularly on Instagram. Sometimes I post three pictures in a day and then I don't post anything at all for 5 days. That's exactly when you see that I simply don't feel like posting anything because I'm too busy with real life and its duties. And I think that exactly shows that Instagram doesn't mean everything to me. That there's still things I prefer doing than spending time taking 30 pictures to find a perfect one I can upload. Instagram doesn't posses me. I am still capable to see a difference between social and real life. And I think that is exactly what E.O wasn't. She grew up with social media at the age of 12 (Seriously?! When I was 12 I climbed trees and lost teeth when I fell down, rang at my friends front doors and asked if they were up for play dates). She let it define her and took it way too seriously. I know she had over 500k followers on Insta and she made a living out of it. She was also signed with IMG and there was a lot more pressure on her that is on me for sure. Social media also became a small business for me and I'm grateful for the opportunity to earn money with it but that's not everything. I don't plan on making a living with it. I'm not depending on social media. I could simply delete everything and live my life how I'm used to, just with a little more time.

Everyone nowadays only talks about the bad sides of social media. Also we're all put into the same bowl. Social media has a lot more to offer than negativity. Yes, there's those hate comments and cyber mobbing but let's forget about that for a moment. I've met so many amazing and beautiful people on social media. I can talk with so many of you, you guys give me inspiration, compliments that lift me up when I'm having a bad day. It gives me a platform where I can share my passion with others that are like-minded. It makes me happy when I see your comments on my newest outfit post, that you liked it and it gave you inspiration for tomorrow's outfit and that my "Acne tips" post helped you so much to get clear skin and it finally makes you feel confident and pretty.

There are days when I think about why I'm even doing all of this, why do I spend so much time on it? On social media scrolling through my feed, taking pictures when I could go out and have fun with my friends, why I spend so much time editing a picture? But then I again I remember that all of this is something I like doing. I like spending time creating "creative" content. I like photography and I love sharing my passion with others. I love answering your questions, I love giving you inspiration. As long as social media is something that I enjoy, I'm going to keep posting.