Hello friends of the internet! I'm back with an other video! This time I'm talking about my agenda... I got a lot of questions on it that's why I decided to film an in depth video. Everything that I mentioned in the video and you can purchase online is linked down below.

For the people wondering why I'm still in school... it's a little complicated but let me explain: First of all our schooling system might be different from yours. I finished secondary school after 3 years instead of 2 (you can choose if you want to do 3 or only 2). I did 3 because during that time I was a top athlete (figure skating) and I wanted to have time for my practices and I didn't know what to do afterwards. Then I went to a business school for a year made for people with a certain talent (musics, sports etc.) also with a special schedule. But then I had an injury and I had to quit. That's when I went to the school I'm going to right now.. but I had to start at 0 again, which means 4 full years until graduation. I'm now in my 4th year which is the last one. My final exams are in May and my graduation is on June 23.

My study/organization tips

  • Listen carefully during class, take notes and be active/ask questions
  • Summarized topics as exam preparation so you have everything that's important together.. print it out and you're ready to take it everywhere and you don't have to bring all of your books & notebooks everywhere. An other way to summarize your stuff is to create flashcards, they're even more handier.
  • Try to always create mind-maps! They're amazing and help you connect certain things. Also if you're a visual learning type and have a "photographic" memory this will help you a lot!
  • Search for a quiet place. I like going to university because it motivates me to see people who are studying around me. If you're at home also search a quiet place where you can be concentrated. I personally like studying in the kitchen because I need company when studying. Even if it's just my dog. I can't study alone in my room. But it should still be a quiet learning atmosphere.
  • Organize! Create to-do lists for the weekend, for after school time, for the holidays etc. and make ticks whenever you've finished something (so you see what you've done so far.. that sometimes motivates me when I can look back)
  • Take breaks! Walk around, get some fresh air, drink water, grab a snack. Your brain needs short breaks in between studying.
  • Tell somebody everything you know! Tell your mom/dad or whoever might be home everything you now and try to explain it to them. That's how you find out if you're really prepared for a test and if you really understand the topic or not! They'll ask questions and you have to be able to give an answer.
  • Take your phone/laptop away! 
  • Create a cute agenda you want to loom at! An agenda that makes you want to be organized! Highlight things, decorate it, put pictures and stickers in there, put motivational quotes in there! If it looks cute you'll want to look at it more often!

Items seen in the video (that I found/purchased online)


Rifle paper & co

Hartland Brooklyn

Mixed items:

Items on my desk

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any of the things I have on my desk online. Neither the pencil case, nor the letter rack or chalkboard.

My favourite stationary online shops:

Rifle Paper Co.
Hartland Brooklyn
S.E Hagarman 
Rico Design

If you have any other questions about one of the things I mentioned or I forgot about one please let me know and I'll be happy to answer!