Hey guys! As you may already know I'm in the middle of my final exams. I've already had 3 written exams.. I have two more to go and then I'll have my oral ones (5 exams). And then I'm finally done with school! I had my maths exam today and that was definitely the most horrifying for me because I suck at maths. I've been missing out a lot lately but I'm sitting here at the library and I thought it's time for a new blog post, which was highly requested.

Today I'm going to talk about KYLIE LIPKITS
If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you know I just got my Kylie Lipkits two days ago. I went for Mary Jo K, Posie K, Koko K and Kourt K. Ever since I posted my confirmation email on Snapchat I got a lot of questions how I managed to get my hands on them and I'm here to share my tips and also a little swatch on my lips and hands. You'll find the review about those lipsticks at the end of this post so feel free to scroll down if you want to skit my tips and swatches.

Here are my tips/This is what has worked for me

First of all, you have to find out when the restock dates are. Kylie always posts them on her app and rarely even on her Snapchat. I don't have her app but I once saw a comment from an account saying that they post restock dates. So I followed her account and turned post notifications on so I don't miss out when she posts a restock date and time. Her account is instagram.com/kylielipkitnews/.

Then, she posted the restock date and time and the first thing I did was setting an alarm 10 minutes before the site restocks so I have everything I need ready. Then I was able to create a VIP account (VIP sign up).

Also what I did was I set up auto fill in on my browser. I use google Chrome and this allows your computer to automatically fill in gaps like address, phone number, name, etc. and that saves you a lot of time. I also had my credit card number copied so I could just paste it into the field.

When it was exactly 8:15 here I refreshed the site, added the ones I wanted to my basket (took me about 10 seconds), clicked on checkout, auto filled in my info. This all together didn't took me more than 20 seconds. You have to be really quick!

Then it redirected me to a site saying something like "due to high demand we're putting you on wait etc." and then I had to wait like 20 seconds and it lead me to an other site saying that my order was complete and that I will get a confirmation email shortly, which happened a few minutes later. It's really important that you don't refresh this site! Otherwise all your information will be gone! Just wait patiently.

I guess you just have to be lucky. I've heard from people that they were supposed to get a confirmation email but it never happened, people that didn't make it out of the "hold line". But for me it worked and I was super happy that I got my hands on the ones I wanted.

After that, I waited for about two or three weeks until my order arrived and I had to pay a looooot of customs (50 CHF). On the package it said that one lipstick was $29 and the others were $1 and I guess that's what made my order look suspicious.


From above: Koko K, Posie K, Mary Jo K, Kourt K

From above: Koko K, Posie K, Mary Jo K, Kourt K


Koko K is the lightest shade I got. It's a pinky nude.. exactly what I like. I can't wear nudes unless they have a hint of pink in them. I loooove the shade and I think it's the perfect nude pink! Amazing for a day time/school make up look!


Posie K is probably my favourite of them all. I love mauve pink lipsticks, I think they look so good on my skin tone. You guys know my favourite lipstick is Soft Lilac by Anastasia Beverly Hills but this one also might become my favourite ever!


Mary Jo K is my second favourite. You know I'm all about those blue toned reds. I think they look a lot better on me than warm toned hot fire reds. I love the shade and I can't wait to wear it on a date night out with my boyfriend!


I was actually a little disappointed in this one. I thought it looked a lot more purple but it looks almost black/brown. If you go onto the website it looks a lot brighter. Anyways, it's not something I'd wear but I can see myself wearing it in fall with a dark eye look in the evening. We'll see, I might step out of my comfort zone :D


If you follow my on Snapchat you know that I have a loooot of make up. I don't even use all of it but it makes me feel good and I love watching tutorials and I want to get better at it. I simply love spending time applying make up.

Liquid lipsticks have been really popular since around a year or less and I also hopped on that train. I have to say I only wear liquid lipsticks today because I think they're a lot easier to apply and they last a lot longer. I still reach for some Mac lipsticks but I prefer liquid ones. I have lipsticks from a lot of brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Colourpop, Gerard Cosmetics, Dose of Colors etc. so I think I can give you a good review because I have a variety of brands and I've tried different formulas. I won't go into detail with this because there's a video about all my liquid lipsticks planned. 

What I can say now is that the Kylie ones are really good! They dry really fast, are easy to apply and they are very hard to remove (which is a good sign, they last a long time). I would really recommend them, they're one of my favouirte formulas! If she comes out with different shades I will definitely try to get my hands on these aswell. I know she's selling them with her name and all but I still think she did a very good job creating those lipsticks!

That's all for now, if you have any question don't hesitate to leave me a comment, message me on Tumblr/Insta or even snap me!
Now I gotta go back to studying and I wish you guys a beautiful week!

Lots of love, Pascale