Hello guys! I'm finally back with an other review. Today I'm going to talk about my beloved Cartier Love Bracelet and tell you guys a little bit about it. I don't get payed to talk about my Love Bracelet like some other bloggers are, but I constantly get questions on it from friends or even strangers because people really seem to like it and also a lot of you guys are interested in buying it for someone or asking for it for your birthday or any other special occasion. I've had mine for almost two years now and have experienced a lot with it so I think I'm entitled to say something about it.

A little bit about the bracelet...

For those of you who don't know there's a little history behind the bracelet and it's not only a piece of jewelry. It has a lot of symbolic meaning behind it, which I think is really beautiful. The bracelet is designed to be opened only by using a special screwdriver that comes with it, which means the bracelet is locked onto one special person as a symbol for their commitment to their relationship. Similar to having "the key to someone's heart" you literally have the key to someone's bracelet.

My story

I got my Love Bracelet for my 20th birthday (post about it is here) from my beloved grandmother. My grandmother is everything to me and I love her more than anything else. She's the most important person in my life and she's my biggest idol. She's the person that carries the screwdriver, so only she can open it for me.

As you can see, there were no scratches on it. It was still pretty new there.


I always get asked which size mine is and if it fits perfectly or if it's too loose, too tight. I got mine in size 17. Size 17 means, the perimeter is 17cm. For reference, I measured my wrist and the perimeter is 16.5cm . I think size 17 is perfect for me, I can move it for about 5-6cm down my wrist so it's not always in the same place and will get uncomfortable, but it still is pretty snug. I think those extra  0.5cm make the size perfect. And I can also twirl it.
If you're thinking about buying one, definitely try it on in store. If you don't have a store near you or there's none in your country, wait until you travel abroad and are able to go to a boutique. It's a huge investment and I personally would want to be sure about sizing.

I have to tighten the screws from time to time so they don't get loose and it'll fall off. When one screw is loose it won't fall off, but when both are, it will.

My experience

First of all, I love this bracelet so much! It's my favourite piece of jewelry that I own. In those 2 years, I have only taken it off once to clean it and a few times just to tighten the screws. I shower with it, take a swim in the ocean with it, sleep with it, exercise with it, - in short: I NEVER TAKE IT OFF. First of all because I don't need to take it off, second of all because I can't take it off (lol) and most importantly, because I'm scared as hell that I'll lose it.

There's three things that I think are a little annoying: airport security, shape and the metal.
Airport security is always a little bit of a hassle because you obviously can't take it off unless you have the screwdriver with you. So at airport security, the metal detector always beeps when you go through it and so security always has to double check and touch you to make sure you're not carrying any weapons on you. That takes time and is especially annoying when you're in a hurry and you're about to miss your flight. Plus: I haaaaaate to leave my carry-on luggage unattended when I'm in that cabin getting checked.

If you look closely, you can see the scratches.

The second thing I mentioned above is the shape. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole design of the Bracelet, including the shape, I think it's so classy and simple but sometimes when I'm on my laptop for example and I rest my wrist on it, it bugs me because it always makes noise and scratches my laptop (or the other way round). I always have to wear long sleeves when I'm on my laptop.
I just recently got a new watch and I was originally wearing my bracelet on my left wrist and because of my watch I now wear it on my right wrist. Because I'm right handed it got really annyoing when writing because I couldn't really lay my wrist flat on my desk and write because it was simply uncomfortable. I don't know how to describe it, I hope you understand what I'm saying, but in the beginning it was a little hard to write with it. Now I got used to it and barely notice it's there. In general, after a few weeks of wearing it after I got it, I barely noticed there's something on my wrist. When it comes to sizing, I'd say the looser it is, the more annoying it gets.

The third an last thing is the metal. The bracelet has scratches already but there's nothing I can do about it. It's 18k gold so it's normal that it scratches. The scratches are not really visible unless you are really close. If the scratches really bother you, you can always go to the Cartier store and get it polished to make it look like it's new. They don't suggest doing that often because the process takes away a thin layer of the gold. I barely see the scratches myself and they don't bother me at all, they're a sign of use and the bracelet is supposed to be worn.

You can't avoid scratching but I still wish there was an option so I could actually wear my bracelet with other pieces of jewelry without being afraid that it'll scratch. I see a lot of people wearing their Love Bracelet and watch or other bracelets on the same wrist but Cartier recommends wearing it on it's own because it'll scratch when it comes in contact with other metals while moving. I'm not a huge jewelry person anyways so I don't really mind but sometimes I want to wear an additional bracelet but I can't. Same goes for my watch, Rolex also recommends wearing the watch alone because it'll scratch. That's also the reason I now wear my bracelet on my right wrist. I might be a little crazy when it comes to this scratching topic and how I try to prevent it, but I really take care of my jewelry to make sure it'll look good for a long time.

Finally, here are some PRO's and CON's


  • Symbolic meaning behind it
  • Timeless, classic, elegant and simple design (it came out over 40 years ago and is still so popular and will remain popular for sure!) 
  • It's very had to lose because you can't take it off


  • The price: price is rapidly increasing every year. A few years ago it was much "cheaper" but because so many celebrities are racking these up and everyone is following the hype, they're now over $6200
  • You're mainly paying for the brand name (that's nothing groundbreaking since it's a luxury item... but I still wanted to mention it). It's 18k gold and if you would go and want to sell it to your local goldsmith, he'll pay you max. $1000-$1500 for it based on its weight. For reference, there's also 20k and 24k gold jewelry.
  • It scratches very easily and you should not be wearing it with other pieces of jewelry
  • You can only take it off with the screwdriver (which you can see, is a PRO and CON)
  • Airport security is a hassle because the bracelet gets detected by the metal detector and you can't take it off

In conclusion, even though there's a lot of CON's above, I still think it's an amazing present and also a great investment, since prices are increasing rapidly. For me personally the PRO's weigh more than the CON's and I wouldn't give mine away in a million years because I love the design so much but also the meaning behind it. It will always remind me of my grandmother and, I actually wasn't planning on saying that because it's really personal, but I will throw the screwdriver that she carries in her open grave before she get's buried when she dies. I don't want to think about that right now because she's all fine but one day I'll have to face that situation. 

That's it for this post guys, I hope you liked it and it was helpful for the ones that are thinking about buying a Love Bracelet or were simply curious what I had to say about it. Let me know if you have one of if you'd love to buy one in the future!