Hey guys! I'm back with a mini haul.. I haven't done one of these in a while, actually because I haven't bought any designer items during the past few months and my last designer bag purchase was in London back in 2015!

I don't know if you know.. but I've had a huge bag crush on the Chloé Faye bag ever since I saw the first blogger wearing it. I've always wanted it but I never really took the step and purchased it. Plus: I don't like (designer bag) shopping online (and I have my reasons.. will talk about that in a second) and there's no Chloe store near me. I also saw a really pretty Gucci Dionysus bag that I also really liked (I don't like the typical ones with the gucci pattern all over), and at first I couldn't decide which one I should buy, but then I went for the Chloe one just because I've wanted it for so long.. and I thought "if not now, then never!". I might be a little late on that trend, because literally everyone has this bag at the moment, it's all over Instagram. But you guys know, I don't really follow trends and if I find something beautiful I'll buy it anyways, regardless if everyone has it or if it's out of /in style.

I bought the Chloé Faye bag in grey and the Aquazurra Belgravia Suede Espadrilles  from mytheresa.com but I wouldn't suggest you to buy anything from there. As I am writing this post, I'm ranting about my purchase experience on Snapchat. The bag has a scratch on the back.. and one of the shoes aswell...which is really annoying. Maybe it's just bad luck that both of my items are "bad" quality.. but mytheresa has lost me as a customer and I prefer shopping on other websites like net-a-porter.com, farfetch.com, matchesfashion.com etc.

I called them and told them about the quality of the items because I thought about sending the items back and wanted to make a reservation of the return item that I'll receive. It's a sale item so I was worried that it's going to sell out. That was not possible and the return process is such a pain in the a**! Especially because I live in Switzerland and Switzerland is not in the European Union.. and apparently this is a huge issue for this website! In the end, I decided to keep both items. 

The items were packed really nicely, they shipped express and the parcel was here within one day, which is amazing! So nothing to say about that, I'm only disappointed in the quality of the products. I payed so much money for those items, so I think it's safe to say that I expect perfect quality. Who wouldn't? It can happen that one item might have a little scratch but both... I personally prefer shopping in store than online just because in store you can actually see what you're about to purchase in person. You can see how it looks, if it fits, how big it looks on you, if it has any scratches/imperfections (I'm well aware that leather items are natural and that they can have some imperfections) etc.

I'm really curious to see if any of you had bad experiences or even the opposite, if you've had amazing experiences only! Also how do you like my newest additions to my closet? I'm definitely going to wear these two treasures a lot in spring/summer!