Hey guys! Finally here's the first video in my make up collection series. The first video is about my vanity, how it's set up and what it looks like. I thought I should give you an overview first before I go in and talk about all the products I have. My vanity is definitely not storage goals, it a huge mess to be honest. I don't like the table I have because I can't really use all the space in my drawers because I can't pull them all the way out. But it works for me, it might look messy but I find all of my things.

I know I have a loooot of make up and I'm probably never going to use all of it. But I love make up, I love trying out new things and I want to get better at doing my make up. It's far away from perfect and I'm not trying to become a beauty guru or make up artist, I simply want to share one of my passions with you guys. I hope you'll find some inspiration for your own vanity!

My vanity: Oliver Furniture
Mirror: IKEA Hemnes mirror in white
Lights around my mirror: 
2x Starlicht IOS Cut-Case 1 x 8W-L White
1x Starlicht IOS Cut-Case 1 x 13 W-L White T5 max. 13 W 115mA
Nail polish rack: not sure but I think it's also from IKEA.

Acrylic drawers: Globus
LED mirror: Impressions Vanity
Clear drawer organizers: Globus
Lipstick holders: Ladymoss.com
Compact/blush holders: Bigger ones, smaller ones

Any other questions? Let me know!